Comment by Hank:  To me the meeting was once again disturbing and depressing.
If it weren’t for Ted Noftall and the Gardners we citizens would not have known of the real background stories behind the city council dealings.
The facts that state inspections of the restaurant at the Port Orange Cypress Head Golf Course resulted in unsanitary findings were never conveyed to the city council members before Mike and Dianne presented their research findings last night, is truly amazing in the light of the city council members planning on putting tax payers’ money into projects refurbishing the golf course and the restaurant.
Channel 9 TV Blaine Tollison has requested to video record an interview with some City Official, today, about this matter. I hope it will not be the mayor who rants that Ted Noftall is an ass, and not a good citizen because he wants to hold taxes down, and that is only part of the story.
If we want to consider asses, we might start drawing our attention towards our city council members who do a less than adequate job of complaining, and are failures at making real changes in the mindset of Port Orange Governmental administration.
It is no wonder that this sneaky mayor has been able to do what he wants with his support from special financial interest’s people.  I bet that was one of them in the back of the auditorium who was making comments which distracted Ted Noftall from his 3 minutes address to the city council so that Ted had to ask the chairman, Honorable Mayor Allen Green, what was going on behind him. The mayor ignored the problem.
Sonya Laney and her boyfriend sat in the front row in the audience behind the speakers, and I saw them making disbelieving comments to each other when Mike Gardner was presenting the evidence that the Cypress head Golf Course restaurant had been cited by the state for unsanitary conditions.
If Sony Laney and her boyfriend are going to take those seats in future city council meetings I am going to go to city council meetings for the opportunity to sit next them and lean over and add my comments when they are whispering to each other.
Ted Noftall reminded the city council that the reason why the city had put a million dollar bond on Halifax Paving earlier this year was to ensure that their job in the contract which has been going on since 2005 will be done before the time the state levies heavy fines on the city of Port Orange tax payers. The year ended, and Halifax Paving did not complete the job and wants another extension to meet its bond and contract obligations until Sept. 2015.  As Ted said the reason the city demanded the million dollar bond was to ensure completion of the work specified in the contract by the end of 2014. Who was it asked Ted if he is saying call in the million dollar bond?  Was that the construction Mayor? In any case Ted replied, yes, of course, that is why you put the million dollar bond in place in the first place.  Take the million dollars and hire someone else who can get the job done on time before the state fines the city of Port Orange.
Is this all unbelievable?  I hope to post video segments of all these distasteful tragedies which are only coming out to us because of Ted Noftall, Mike and Dianne Gardner, Mark Schaefer and Newton White.
I don’t think even Bob Ford can change things. Dr.Ford having been a police chief surely would know how to draft laws, ordinances and legislation to be included for accountability into the City Manual of Operations.  Certainly as Bob Ford complains, how come the city of Port Orange had not known about the sanitary violations at the restaurant which is about to be awarded one and a half million dollars to be refurnished?
So let me am included in the Mayor’s name calling of ass and I honestly pronounce SNEAKY SNEAKY SNEAKY SNEAKY.
This is as funny as McHale’s Navy except that this is real.
Imagine this, The City Golf Course is in competition with tax payers’ money to be better equipped than a private golf course like Crane Lakes, and the residents of Crane Lakes will be ordered to pay taxes to help improve the city golf course which is competing against a private golf course at Crane Lakes.
Let me tell the public, after watching the latest 2 or 3 years of city council meetings, there will be no change for taxpayers.  These city council people (Stiltner not included because he has only been on the seat a few weeks) cannot invoke change.  They don’t know how to do it, not withstanding real help from Noftall, Gardners, White and Schaefer.
It won’t even help to vote them out of office, because  new city council people will also be absorbed by the sneaky, sneaky, dishonest, untruthful, non-transparent, do little work city government, council, city administrators, and I am starting to wonder just how many really good workers there are in all city departments.  I really am.  I have exchanged ideas with anonymous bloggers who position them as unidentifiable city workers who cannot divulge their identity, and I was somewhat called to task for asking them for more proof of their allegations.
Let me tell you city council people, not one of you are worth the part time money you get for your part time jobs.  You can’t even get real information from your citizen advisory boards because you stack them with special financial interest’s people. It is time to ask why you are even in politics. Are you going to tell me to do better for the citizens of Port Orange?  B S
I hope I have the eagerness to reproduce the video portions of this another horrendous city council meeting, but I don’t know if I should care or even be concerned any more.
But I will tell you this.  If Sonya Laney and her boyfriend sit in the front row in front of the Pog TV camera and whisper to each other while citizens address the city council I will be there too whisper to them. Was it disbelief in Gardner’s facts or disbelief in the citations of unsanitary conditions at the city restaurant?  Take a guess.
I will also be there to walk to the back of the audience and tell the person making comments while someone is addressing the city council to suggest that they go up in front of the city council and make his/her comments public without disturbing someone  who has only 3 minutes to address the egg timer boil egg construction mayor.
To Bastian, Burnette, Ford and the Mayor, thank you for the operettas which now is only presented to Hee Haw fans twice a month.
This is how you operate. You have a citizen advisory board budget and finance committee and because someone named a city engineer? a peg leg, you dissolved the entire committee.  That’s how you operate and you need to be called up on your disgusting service to the tax payers’ of Port Orange.  And yet, the mayor calls a citizen a bad citizen for wanting to keep taxes down, and then refers to him as an ass, and you sit there in silence while taxpayers are told to be nice and polite when asking for a traffic light near their residences.
This is almost unbelievable.  So I have to reproduce the POGTV video segments for all to see on my web site.  City council people, why don’t you watch them too and see how you are coming across to the public.  Some of us earnestly want more people in the City of Port Orange to see how you guys work.
Sorry guys, it is what it is.  Some of you are old enough to understand what that means. Others think they can get away with this because some in the past did.  The world and climate has changed. Will the city  government of Port Orange always be what it has been?  I fear so.
By the way, years ago I asked Ken Parker in an e mail, why he had told the then manager of the golf course that many rainy days during the year is not an acceptable excuse for revenue being low.  Parker replied to me because it is expected that other alternatives available would be utilized to offset bad revenue.  Now I hear city council people excuse low revenue understanding that we have had many rainy days.  What is it with you guys, still playing favorites and despising those who want productivity and a semblance of consistency from your actions.  Would you let me have water if I had not completed my obligation to the terms water service, since 2005 ?   What happened in that non disclosed meeting with an arbitrator to recoup lost revenue from water service from Daytona Beach Shores?  —hmmm I wonder.
— Hank springer


  • January 22, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    It’ s a total embarrassment how the Council runs the City of Port Orange. I’ve said this many times in this blog that they really don’t have a clue, just go through the motions, remove items from the agenda, set up meetings, etc. etc.etc. and absolutely nothing ever gets finalized, no problems solved to completion and no one gets to the rock bottom of serious matters while the city continues to lose millions.. The reason is that they don’t know what to do and it’s too overwhelming for them to understand what has to been done. That is why the Mayor an his cohorts in upper management inside of city hall have been able to perpetrate this fraud on he public for so long.

  • January 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    I would have to agree. They constantly table items, call for a “workshop”‘ , hire a consultant and the like.
    Many items are merely “rubber stamped” and approved. Progress and decision making is a long slow process. The next City Manager better have a set of big ones and take over quickly.
    Many times they seem clueless as a group and the Mayor as always shows signs of senility, arrogance, and that of a country hick. One day, someone will stand up to the Mayor and open the door to expose what we all thought has been going on for over 20 years.

  • January 24, 2015 at 8:47 am

    Change is Inevitable! Except from vending machines. With that being said, change has and is happening. Reform is not stalled in fact I see change accelerating things, that were not even discussed, but quietly approved are being examined and talked about.
    The most recent you may nto realize is the water rate increase. The original proposal from the consultant if you will recall told our leaders that they should phase in a 30% increase and indebt the tax and ratepayers for 90 million dollars. PLUS instituting into the plan an AUTOMATIC ANNUAL INCREASE that would not require action from council. What passed last week was a reorganization and one time 3% increase. Not completely the no increase or change until we have water meters working within the normal margin of error and an inspection, inventory and actual assessment of the infrastructure. I CERTAINLY count it as a move forward.

    • January 24, 2015 at 11:55 am

      Seems to me that the problem with the water meters, large and small has never been resolved. Now it’s going into the third year and another example of not really knowing how much money is being lost.

      • January 24, 2015 at 4:55 pm

        Exactly why I was and still am opposed to changing rates until it is known who is buying/using how much water and sewer.
        Mr. Gardner showed that many of the large meters are not installed properly, to manufactures specifications. Their accuracy as installed has not been validated. I was last told that the replacement program has not caught the broken meters and it is suspected that some of the “free” work we got from Sensus did not exactly fix the bad reads.
        And the dirt simple idea to gauge the difference between the amount pumped out of the treatment plant and the amount the city bills for, as a means of measuring the overall loss has been passed off as being to hard to calculate due to billing cycles. The truth may be that the leadership is afraid of the answers. Remember the former manager and former utility director tried to tell council they needed a bond issue that collapsed in size very quickly when council and citizens started questioning it.

        • January 24, 2015 at 5:17 pm

          Actually Newton you did not receive this revelation from Mike Gardner, give credit where credit is due it was Richard Woodman in the Woodman report, a retired Public Utilities employee that walked you through this information. He also revealed that there are current Public Utility employees that are aware of the problems and if they were not censored could demonstrate a holistic fix to this problem. This would involve identification and accountability of the politicians and administrators that have been driving the bus and have gotten us into this untenable situation. The people that are driving the bus now, and the figurehead leadership that they are currently establishing will ensure that there will never be any transparency, accountability, or resolution to this problem and so millions of dollars of taxpayer money in the form of lost utility revenues will continue. The mayor and his administrative cronies will never be accountable and the metering situation will never be fully addressed until Port Orange experience a complete political and administrative purging and catharsis and a new organizational model is adopted.

          • January 24, 2015 at 9:31 pm

            I stand corrected, Woodman did write about it. I was thinking and recalling Mike’s presentation with pictures. It and Woodman’s writing left me questioning, how could that been ignored when it was designed? Why have the meters not been tested in the way they are installed?

          • January 24, 2015 at 10:36 pm

            Newton if you get on council in the future maybe you can bird dog this issue and drill down into the workforce to identify the employees that really know what’s up and how to approach and institute a holistic resolution. Unfortunately by the next open election, most of the old school institutional knowledge will have retired in disgust and anyone that knows their shit that is young enough to be around at that time will have left to work for another organization that does not treat them like chopped liver and censor their expertise. In effect John Galt will have left the Port Orange workforce.

          • January 27, 2015 at 6:05 am

            Newton…we appreciate you. You’re honest. Now remember, Mike is the dirt guy, Woodman is the water guy,Tom Menacol is the golf guy, Diane is the all around gal , Mark Schaefer is the thorn in their side guy and Ted is the champion bulldog. The eyes of the
            Citizens for a Better Port Orange are upon them and they don’t like it one single bit.

          • January 27, 2015 at 7:38 am

            And remember the anonymous P.O.E.’s are the genesis of most of their initial information and are the key to tie it all together for them that they may act upon it and someday change the organizational model from one of obfuscation, special interest, and insulation of self entitled politicians and administrators to one of transparency, equanimity, stakeholdership, that recognizes and rewards honesty & value, and serves the citizens of Port Orange faithfully as opposed to serving the mayor and his special interest associates.

  • January 24, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Is it safe to say that no matter what candidate is selected to be the permanent City Manager, that they are doomed, will be handcuffed and virtually will have zero opportunity to succeed in this enciroment ?

    • January 24, 2015 at 9:02 pm

      You hit the nail on the head


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