Dunlawton Median Lawn Edging At Sunday O/T Rates

Ted Noftall
11:02 AM 
to David, Bob, don, Drew, Mayor, Scott
Good morning Manager Harden,
As I write this e-mail at approx 11 am on Sunday morning you have a Public Works crew edging the medians on Dunlawton Ave between Nova Road and the Post Office.
That crew consists of 5 men 2 trucks and a bobcat. The crew leader confirmed that they are working at overtime rates today.
I have several questions and FOIA requests.
1) If it is the conclusion of your administration that the median contractor is not responsible for edging along the Dunlawton roadway where concrete curbing does not exist, Please provide a copy of the legal analysis of that contract, and correspondence related to this edging causing you to believe as you do.
2) If that is not your conclusion please explain why Public works is performing this edging at overtime rates today.
3) Did Public Works seek a private sector quote to perform this edging before deciding to assign its own crew at overtime rates.
4) Please itemize both the work completed, And the cost to taxpayers for this crew’s efforts today.
Ted Noftall
for responsible government — 2016


One thought on “Dunlawton Median Lawn Edging At Sunday O/T Rates

  • February 1, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Two weeks ago DPW crews were edging the shoulders of Taylor Rd west of 95.


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