Council Meeting Summary of Feb. 3, 2015

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2 thoughts on “Council Meeting Summary of Feb. 3, 2015

  • February 5, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    I have watched the City Council meeting proceedings only several times over the past few months. During a few of those meetings I have heard different councilmen and the mayor give city staff instructions of their desire to contract out the maintenance of all the city mowing operations both in public works and public utilities departments.
    So here we are again at last nights meeting were again council was making the same speech about wanting maintenance contracts on all mowing operations and apparently the city manager and staff again totally ignoring them .
    What a bunch of wusses . Why do we need a council if they are ignored .

    • February 5, 2015 at 8:24 pm

      I think since the time of Greg Kisela, there has been an escalating culture of information obfuscation occurring in the city culminating in what presently is the worse example ever of genuine information shut down. Kisela was blatant and unsophisticated in his opaque and deceptive avoidance of honest communication to part of the split council and the citizens of Port Orange.
      There is a more insidious obfuscation of information going on now and the fact that the interim city manager’s read file is now reflective of no substantive business being conducted by him in the sunshine should be a red flag. What has retrograded and changed at city hall in the past 6 months is that the top administrative management has become ghosts at city hall. The city manager, administrative services director, finance director, and anyone associated with the city manager’s office is totally disconnected with middle management and the rest of the organization at large. Department heads attend closed door meetings and communicate nothing to middle management in regards to the city administration’s goals and objectives. There is zero management by objectives and absolutely no cohesive management plan throughout the city. Employees that do the work and keep the city running on a daily basis in general, and middle management more specifically receives no direction from the city manager, the finance director, or the administrative services director and are disenfranchised from any intelligence or direction into the goals, objectives, or priorities of the city. The new directors all seem to be job scared and clueless themselves. They also seem to be quite trepidacious to honestly communicate anything meaningful that they might bring back from the city manager’s office. This was never the case a few years ago. Some of these new directors are extremely dependent on the institutional knowledge of middle managers while simultaneously failing to share any information with them in respect to their intelligence and interactions with the city manager’s office and any objectives coming out of the city manager’s office.
      What is really sad is that all of the long term middle management employees that the new directors are presumably keeping in the dark know the real story much better than these new administrative managers do and are in most cases doing their jobs for them. It is an insidious disingenuous game of mistrust and usury which will ultimately culminate in an organizational implosion. What middle management and technical staff does know is that there is a concerted effort by the city manager’s office and a certain political interest to keep the new councilmen in the dark as well as the citizen’s for open and transparent governance, and that they thought they could to this by orchestrating a disingenuous façade of transparency and by trying to cloak their objectives from middle management, technical staff, and long term stakeholders that truly care about the City of Port Orange. This will only get worse unless it is rooted out at the highest level, a new organizational model is embraces, and the stakeholdership of the workforce is cultivated so that employees are rewarded and acknowledged for honesty and teamwork.


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