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Feb 6
Please see linked article.
What is our rating in Port Orange?
I pay $1000 a year for a minimal 60,000 in coverage because I have had two flood losses, even though I live in the middle of an X (no flood) zone and am over 11 feet elevation.
We pay non ad volarm drainage taxes, what have we got for our money? I know I went from 150,000 in coverage for a couple hundred dollars to now barely enough to fix my house in case of flood for a thousand dollars.
I know the streets have been overpaved higher creating a bowl around my house.

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  • February 10, 2015 at 7:27 am

    In the quoted reply back from the manager, it is revealing that not enough was done over past YEARS in maintaining our drainage systems and they know it. Please note we pay a specific drainage tax and work has not been done to maintain the systems much less fix any of the problems that have been created by new growth.
    Plus we have not advanced up the rating scale, that would save the community and residents money on insurance.
    “We are currently rated as a class 7. We are having an on-site inspection in May/June which could potentially result in a better rating. Staff is doubtful that it will, however, because drainage system maintenance is a significant part of the rating system and we have not done well in that area for the last several years. The scoring system this year is new which introduces another element of uncertainty.”

    • February 10, 2015 at 2:40 pm

      Good research Newton. The priority for the city of Port Orange right now is to sneak through the tax payers’ funding of a Country Like Clubhouse for Cypress Head, which I think do not have much drainage problems. Screw the water problems in the city of Port Orange, think of keeping up the real estate value of all those wealthy people living in Cypress Head. Where are your priorities Newt. just kidding – hank


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