“In God We Trust, Everybody Else Gets Audited"

February 7, 2015   Port Orange City Council

“In God We Trust, Everybody Else Gets Audited.” Michael Mlynarski, Port Orange Citizen:
Before you read the letter from Mr. Mylnarski to the Port Orange City Council, I , hank would like to comment.
Mr. Mlynarski quotes might be aptly used at every prayer meeting held by the Port Orange City Council.
I recognize America today in Mr. Mylnarski’s complaints. I had once noted to the then Mayor Hukill that POPD officers responded to citizens like robots, being so objective and impersonal, that their attitude of not responding to an annoyed citizen emotions might very well aggravate situations . I come from NYC and can tell you of many instances where I witnessed a police officer get human, man to man, with an aggravated person and the police officer would drop his bureaucratic demeanor and say to the enraged citizen something like “Look, I want to help you. Let’s first calm down and talk about how I can help you”. Many years ago my wife and I took our young son to an eye doctor on second ave. NYC. Parking was a problem. My wife took my son into the doctor’s office and I finally found a parking spot on second ave. and decided to wait in the car for my wife and son to return. A delivery truck came and doubled park to make a delivery to a grocery store. The walking cop on the beat opened the door to the grocery store and yelled inside to the driver, better move that truck which is doubled parked. The driver, probably stressed with a lot of deliveries, bumper to bumper traffic, came out of the store with war like anger, yelling at the cop for harassing hard working people etc. First the cop gave it back to him and they were on equal terms yelling at each other. Then the cop said something like, “look, let’s not get this thing out of hand. Calm down, drive onto the side street and I will find a parking spot for you.” I was wondering if the cop once on the side street was going to beat the crap out of the angry delivery man. So I got out of my car went to the corner to see where the cop and the delivery truck were going. The cop let the truck park by a fire hydrant, and I think the cop said, no more than 10 minutes, I’ll be here waiting so get back in 10 minutes. Whether technically right or wrong, the situation was defused.
That would never happen down here in Florida and maybe it never happens any more up in NYC.
I am not going to spend my time right now telling you about my personal negative experiences with cops down here in Fl., but remind me some time and I will recount if your are interested.
I think Mr. Mylnarski might be fed up with not only his YMCA encounter and now his neighbor’s dog situation, but also aggravated like I am, with the lack of response all over America to legitimate complaints from citizens. I won’t get into it now, but there is a customer relation problem between our governments and the citizens.
The YMCA is a special, favorite, partner with the city of Port Orange. Something which I am very distressed about. This perception of a special relationship between the city and the YMCA does not help popd when they have to investigate a somewhat confusing situation at the YMCA. Indeed, I get upset when hurrying YMCA goer’s tail gate me when driving on city center drive.
The ACO seems to me from listening to the police radio scanner, is overworked and under manned. It is a difficult job not being able to take criminal action in civil complaints and I would hope ACO people are trained how to ameliorate neighbors’ complaints. I do not know what prompted the aco to file a complaint of being threatened by Mr. Mylnarski but I would like to know the details to be sure the ACO did not resent Mr. Mylnarski speaking to her in a way she thought was not respectful. I would like to know the exact words Mr. Mylnarski used to threaten the ACO. Was this threat complaint mostly to stop the amount and manner of Mr. Mylnarski complaints?
For sure, the popd investigating itself speaks poorly for the procedure. Many police organizations in many states do it and I am not impressed with the perception of cover ups. I would like to see some agency of the Governor’s office investigate complaints from citizens about police.
—  Hank Springer   www.popdradiolog.com
And now we go to read the letter from Mr. Mylnarski:
Scroll Window    18 Pages [google-drive-embed url=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wWxYbR3mKFLiWQe-hjpdebasuhH79npdFnUDV8WhBa0/preview” title=”Letter to POCO 2-6-15″ icon=”https://ssl.gstatic.com/docs/doclist/images/icon_11_document_list.png” width=”100%” height=”900″ style=”embed”]

5 thoughts on ““In God We Trust, Everybody Else Gets Audited"

  • February 7, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Eighteen pages about doggie poo? That’s a little weird. I can tell you that police don’t like these animal control problems and I’ve known animal control officers who were actually afraid of dogs and didn’t want to confront their owners just wanted to collect their paychecks and ride around all day.
    My solution would be, stop being a wuss. Go over and knock on your neighbors door and confront him about the problem. The worst case scenario would be that he might hit you, then you could have him arrested for assault. Another solution If the situation continues collect all the dog shit and put it in a paper bag on his front steps and light it on fire, ring his door bell and run like hell, (being careful that no one sees you doing this. I actually did this to a mean neighbor when I was a kid in NYC. She got a lot of shit on her shoes stamping out the bag on fire. Final solution would be to shoot the dog when it as on your property and say it attacked you. As a last resort call Steven King.

  • February 8, 2015 at 8:51 am

    I feel sorry for this poor guy. Mr Mlynarski is receiving the same treatment from the Animal Control Officers and investigation cover-ups that many other residents receive.
    Most likely the several city officials he sent his letter to will not even read it.
    And the most the council will do is likely call for a work shop to study the problem.

  • February 8, 2015 at 9:28 am

    When this situation began and the ACO was told the location of this dog, by virtue of her job responsibility should have spoken to the dog’s owner and discussed the complain and explained the rules about animals at large. She also should have requested to see and up to date rabies certificate and city licensing if applicable in Port Orange. After subsequent complains a citation should have been issued and she also could have spoken to neighbors to verify that the dog was or has been seen at large and unleashed. Seems like she did none of these things, hence the long diatribe by this poor man who obviously is afraid of large dogs. When a neighbor’s dog began using our front yard as his personal toilet my son told the owner that he didn’t want to see the dog on our lawn again…that put an end to is. Of course Mr. M may be elderly and not six ft 3 like my son. This whole situation could have been circumvented by proper action on her part.

  • February 8, 2015 at 9:52 am

    Is this the same female ACO that was in trouble for the same type of complaints from a few years ago?

  • February 8, 2015 at 11:03 am

    On this date at 1535 hours, Port Orange Police Officer Theodore Kurtz responded to at 817 Bayridge Lane where he was following up a missing juvenile investigation. While he knocked at the front door of the residence a female, later identified as Toby V. Beute 7-18-78 staying at this address, answered the door while holding a pit bull/Labrador mix by the collar. The dog, later identified as “Boomer” was barking aggressively while being held by Beute. Buete stepped outside the front door with the dog by the collar. The dog broke free from Buete’s hold and advanced towards the officer. Fearing harm by the advancing dog, Kurtz pulled his service firearm from his holster and fired two rounds at the dog. The dog was struck in the chest/torso area and immediately collapsed and subsequently expired. Kurtz immediately radioed this information into dispatch.
    At this time Beute felt some pain in her right leg and noticed bleeding below her knee. Kurtz notified dispatch to send Port Orange Rescue unit to check the status of Beute. She was taken to Port Orange hospital where preliminary reports by Dr. Livingston indicate that a small sliver of bullet fragment was located approximately three inches below Beute’s right knee. Dr. Livingston evaluated Beute and advised investigators the wound would not require surgery nor would require stitches.
    Checking a history of calls at the residence, there have been several reports of aggressive dogs at this location. The dog in question shot in this afternoons incident (Boomer) had caused injury to a juvenile that resides in the home in late February of this year. Investigators were advised by the dog’s owner this injury to the juvenile required some surgery to the facial area. In December of 2008, a complaint was received where this dog broke loose from the collar, went to a nearby address in the neighborhood and attacked another dog in the driveway. A citation was issued in this incident. On September 14th of this year, Port Orange animal control responded to a nearby residence on Spruce Creek Woods drive where this same dog killed a neighbor’s cat and was seen running the property with the cat in its mouth. In November of 2009 Port Orange officers had to deploy a fire extinguisher at this and another dog when they responded to this address as they were investigating shots fired call.
    The investigation into today’s incident remains under investigation.


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