Full Council Agenda for Feb. 17. 2015


[Collapse] A. OPENING
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Invocation – Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church/Father Chris Hoffman
3. Roll Call
4. Second Reading – Ordinance No. 2014-32 – Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Small Scale) Urban High Density Residential (8-16 units/acre) to Commercial for 1040 Herbert St. Case No. 14-20000001
5. Second Reading – Ordinance No. 2014-33 – Rezoning Multi-family High Density (R-3H) to Highway Commercial (HC) for property at 1040 Herbert St. Case No. 14-60000005
6. Citizen Advisory Committee for TPO Report by Bobby Ball
7. Police Department Recognition Awards
F. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda – 15 minutes)
8. Comments/Concerns from Council Members
[Collapse] 9. Approval of Minutes
a. January 29, 2015 – Special City Council Meeting
b. February 3, 2015 – Regular City Council Meeting
10. Resolution No. 15-11 – ECHO Grant Application for Acquisition of the FEC Port Orange Train Depot
11. Resolution No. 15-12 – Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Grant Application – Riverwalk Park Phase I
12. December 2014 Project Manager’s Report
13. Building Activity Report and Development Activity Report for January, 2015
14. Crime Report for Fourth Quarter 2014
15.Financial Report
[Collapse] 16. Award of Bids and Contracts
a.Piggyback State contract with Grainger, Inc. to purchase Maintenance, Repair and Operations materials and supplies.
b. Sole Source agreement for services with Biological Consulting Services, Inc.
c. Award of Bid B14-17 Garnsey Water Plant Large Meter Replacement and Upgrade Project with L7 Construction
d. Piggyback South Daytona Electrical Service Contract with Giles Electrical Services
e. Award of Bid #14-27 South Spruce Creek Rd Trail from Central Park Blvd North to Taylor Rd
f. Award of Bid #14-29 Southwinds Sidewalk
[Expand] g. Wrecker Service and Tow Rates
17. Deductive final change order to National Metering Services for Task Authorizations 1 and 2
18. Resolution No. 15-14  –  Amendment 1 Funding Resolution
19. First Reading – Ordinance No. 2015-1 – Amending  Fire and Rescue Pension Plan.
20. First Reading – Ordinance No. 2015-3 – Removing Whitepalm from the CBL/BM Port Orange West Community Development District
21. First Reading-Ordinance No. 2015-5 – Extending Utility Bill Due Dates and Regarding Credits for Extraordinary Consumption
22. Golf Course Renovations
23. BB&T Bank’s request to reduce the Code Enforcement fine for 5536 S. Ridgewood Avenue.
24. Budget Calendar
[Collapse] J. COMMENTS
25. City Attorney request to authorize Special Legal Counsel
26. Interim City Manager Comments
[Collapse] 27. City Council Committee Reports
a. General Employee’s Pension Board
c. Volusia League of Cities
d. ArtHaus
e. Port Orange/South Daytona Chamber of Commerce
f.Elected Officials Roundtable


2 thoughts on “Full Council Agenda for Feb. 17. 2015

  • February 16, 2015 at 9:07 am

    It is hard to start a Monday morning off any better than with a good cup of coffee and a great laugh! The email string below between Robin Fenwick and Ted Noftall in the City Manager email section should be preserved in the “All Time Classic” category of Ted’s craziest replies. Imagine Ted talking about himself being treated in a “disrespectful manner.” Not sure if that makes him the pot or the kettle, but it definitely makes him black. (No way Ted typed that with a straight face!)
    His email paints an image in my mind of a chubby little Canadian boy, with his bottom lip stuck out, eyes welled up with tears, wearing a medium t-shirt, when he should have on a XL, clutching his partially deflated ball, and telling all the other kids who wouldn’t let him play, “fine, then I’m taking my ball and going home!”
    I feel empathetic for Ms. Fenwick for having to deal so frequently with this bedlamite! However, even she had to get a good laugh out of this one!
    (Reply from Ted Noftall)
    Thank you Robin, but based on the disrespectful manner Council has chosen to treat its volunteers I will not be seeking their approval to continue to safeguard the interests of Port Orange citizens by re-applying to serve as a volunteer on the Eastport CRA.
    Council exempted itself from its ill conceived electronic records ordinance, And despite warnings that the objectives of this ordinance could be achieved in other ways, and that this ordinance was problematic and ripe for abuse, chose to impose it on its volunteers’ board members anyway. It was subsequently abused by the disgraced manager Kisela just 1 minute after his announced 5:00 pm time of resignation.
    The underling ‘censorship’ premise of this ordinance to the effect that individual volunteers possess less than full first amendment rights of conscience and expression was further abused by then Vice-mayor Burnette in his sneak attack fully coordinated with Mrs. Laney the Mayor’s handpicked candidate in their un-successful attempt to have me removed from the two boards on which I then served absent any due process what so ever.
    In each of these episodes of which Council is fully cognizant, they have remained shamefully silent regarding the oath they each took to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution – all of the Constitution including the part about free speech.
    To reapply under these circumstances would be to sanction Council’s actions which have the end effect of dissuading volunteers from being critical of Council itself and this I will not due.
    Ted Noftall
    for responsible government — 2016
    From: Fenwick, Robin [mailto:rfenwick@port-orange.org]
    Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2015 11:51 AM
    To: Ted Noftall
    Subject: Eastpot CRA term
    Just wanted to remind you that your term has expired on the Eastport CRA Board. Do you wish to be reappointed? They have a meeting coming up next month and we want to make sure the appointment happens before their meeting, if you do want to continue to serve.

  • February 17, 2015 at 10:55 am

    Ted, I agree with you. What was very telling to me was that the city should have followed up on Burnette’s call to have you removed as a chairman and then you could have defended yourself in a city hall procedure which would have been followed probably by the national press.
    But instead, the city council avoided this problem by terminating the entire citizen citizen advisory board including another most valuable asset to financial affairs, Mark Schaefer.
    Once again, the city council of Port Orange shows that it cannot tolerate interference by the citizens of Port Orange. They are merely looked upon as investors, not co partners in deciding where their money is going, and in fact those who want to keep taxes down are not good citizens, so said Mayor Green on public TV.


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