Engineers Agree–A Berm WILL Stop the Flooding!

TED–Sometimes dealing with the City of Port Orange is like shoveling water
build a berm
Ted posted the following to Manager Harden earlier today………………….
Manager Harden,
The good news in the Pegasus report is that it has confirmed what we knew all along and that is  – the  6ft NAVD elevation  berm   on the west side of the Halifax  Canal south of Powers Ave  and on the East side of that canal  North  until it tied in to higher elevations South of Herbert Street   as originally designed by  QLH and permitted by SJRWMD   would prevent flooding on lower Dunlawton Ave.
This conclusion may be found on page 5 of their report;
” In addition, constructing the berm on the  east side would have severed the floodplain area adjacent to the Halifax Canal and potentially caused an increase in flood stages upstream of the berm.  In other words,  constructing the berms  along the canal would have effectively created a levee / dyke drainage system to prevent floodwaters from the Halifax Canal from occupying the study area.  However, the displaced  flood volume associated with the severed floodplain would have caused potential impacts upstream of Dunlawton Avenue, as well as within the study area ”  
This is exactly what QLH  the Design engineers have said in open meetings  and in the attached e-mail  to the effect that Dunlawton Ave floods once the Halifax canal overtops its banks because the Dunlawton Ave Drainage Improvements Retention Pond  was designed and constructed   ”  without the influence from the canal as a stand-alone system due to the fact that if the canal overtops its banks, the pond volume is inundated by flood waters from the canal ”
The bad news in the  report is their conclusion  that   containing  canal water within the Canal banks in the subject area  would  cause  additional flooding  elsewhere in un-specified areas.
Accordingly lest this nebulous un-specified flooding elsewhere be used as a pretext to do nothing beyond  studying the matter further I would ask that you cause the following to be provided in  support of their   ‘flooding elsewhere’  conclusions.
* the exact spot or spots  and their respective elevations  on the west bank of Spruce Creek Rd north of Dunlawton Ave   where Pegasus has  advised  water would over top that bank,    —    remembering that  the permitted plans provided for the  berm along that west bank  of the Halifax canal from Dunlawton Ave north to Powers  Ave.
*  the exact spot or spots and their respective elevations where Pegasus has  advised that new or increased   ‘upstream’  flooding would occur.
Ted Noftall,
for responsible government – 2016

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