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NORTH PORT, Fla. — The city of North Port has now hired a law firm to investigate a “hostile workplace” complaint.
It comes in the aftermath of a FEMA cheating scandal involving the Public Works Department.
Rich Tirado, an aquatics technician with the city, blew the whistle on the cheating scandal, where several workers were given the answers to a mandated test.
Five field supervisors at North Port’s Public Works Department were fired, for lying during an investigation into the cheating allegations.
Last month, a complaint was filed against Tirado, claiming he was verbally abusive and making threats.
Tirado says he is the subject of retaliation.
An internal investigation has been launched into Tirado, because of those claims.
Since then, the city attorney has sent a letter to the city commission notifying them an outside firm has been hired to investigate.
The city says the firm was hired to avoid conflict or bias in the investigation.
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One thought on “North Port Hires a Law Firm to Investigate a Hostile Workplace Complaint – Sarasota News

  • March 8, 2015 at 11:53 am

    Are you sure the firm was not hired for the same reason most consultants are hired by these types of administrations and that is simply to collect a fee to independently validate the mythology that the administrators are attempting to perpetuate and to cover their asses by using tax payer resources to shore up their story and further railroad the whistleblower who has had the courage to come forward in spite of having to prevail against institutional corruption and a management team hell bent on utilizing the tax payers resources to scapegoat an individual that threatens their cozy little situation?


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