Are Wetlands Better Protected than our Children?

reclaim water3From Citizen Noftall to the City Manager:

Manager Harden,
Did I understand the Mayor correctly at the March 3rd 2015   Council meeting  when he advised  that  State regulations require  Port Orange reclaimed sprinkler water be treated to a higher level before it is legally permissible to spray this water on the City’s harvestable timber,  then what is required to spray it on the  lawns and shrubs that surround our homes ?
If I understood the Mayor correctly then what is the nature or level of the   substances,    that are permissible on the lawns  on which our children and grandchildren roll around and play,   that need to be removed or reduced before this water can be sprayed on forest timber ??
In this regard  I would  call upon you to provide the precautions the City is required to distribute to those using this treated effluent,    And   those assurances the City has indicating that its  reclaimed sprinkler water is free of any harmful substances   that may be absorbed through the skin of children coming in contact with this product,    AND  that you further provide a full disclosure as to the level of treatment  and testing Port Orange reclaimed sprinkler water receives relative to water we drink and bath in.
Thank you
Ted Noftall
for responsible government  –  2016
Good questions, Ted.  The following video clip from the last meeting seems to indicate that we’re more careful with what we spray on the wetlands than what we spray on our lawns (and kids).

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