Dunlawton Ave. Project Stalled?

Dunlawton Ave Project Delayed

Rivera, Cynthia via bounce.secureserver.net
3:26 PM (1 hour ago)
to David, City, Alan, Michael, Chris, Nancy, Kynah
Please see below for questions regarding Dunlawton Paving and signals.
From: Kennedy, Jackie [mailto:Jackie.Kennedy@dot.state.fl.us]
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 3:21 PM
To: Rivera, Cynthia
Cc: Olson, Steve; Horton, Jennifer; Keane, Jessica; Coe, Frederick; Wabi, Paul; Grube, Dwight
Subject: RE: CFLRoads: Question About Project 427279-1
Good Afternoon, Ms. Rivera –
The Project Administrator for this project is out of the office until Wednesday. However, I was able to discuss your concerns with his supervisors. They drove the project this afternoon as well to address the signal concerns.
There are currently some asphalt and material shortages which has delayed the project. FDOT and the contractor (P&S Paving) are working diligently with the industry, however, it is currently out of their control. We are hopeful that this issue will be resolved quickly, and the contractor will be able to return to work within the next couple weeks. Once they return and resume paving operations, it should take approximately one month to complete the paving. At that point, it will be approximately another 5-6 weeks to finish work such as the rest of the loops, punch-out, and clean-up. We are looking at an estimated completion date of mid-June/1st of July.
In regards to the signals, they report that the signals are operating as they should. The temporary detectors and interconnects are working as well.
If you receive further complaints, feel free to forward them to me. If you would like updated status in a couple weeks, please let me know.
I hope that helps—again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you,
Jackie L. Kennedy | Public Information Specialist
Quest Corporation of America
In-House FDOT Consultant – District 5
1650 North Kepler Road
Deland, FL 32724
C: 407.637.7461 | PH: 386.740.3566

From: cflroads.com [mailto:noreply@cflroads.com] On Behalf Of Cindy Rivera, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, City of Port Orange
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 10:21 AM
To: Kennedy, Jackie
Cc: D5-PIO
Subject: CFLRoads: Question About Project 427279-1
Submitted By: Cindy Rivera, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, City of Port Orange crivera@port-orange.org
Subject: Question About Project 427279-1
We have been receiving quite a few complaints regarding this project. Our Mayor is asking for a timeline. Also, do you have information about the timing of the lights on Dunlawton. We have been receiving many complaints regarding this as well. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Cindy Rivera
Executive Assistant to the City Manager
City of Port Orange

2 thoughts on “Dunlawton Ave. Project Stalled?

  • March 24, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    Since Dunlawton is a state highway, the City has no control over the traffic signals or the construction.

    • March 24, 2015 at 9:31 pm

      Thank you Mr. Harden for that observation. In the interest of safety for all the driving public, I would exhort you and the Police Chief to inform the state that prohibiting vehicles from making a U turn E/b dunlawton ave. to west bound Dunlawton in front of Targets is not enough. No vehicle should be allowed to make a left hand turn at this location, and cross west bound Dunlawton Ave., intent on entering the Target’s parking area. For safety reasons, all vehicles from east bound dunlawton ave. should enter the general Target shopping area at Yorktowne Blvd.
      Also, it may be that there are no records of T bone type accidents at this particular allowed left hand turn, but I would suspect that there have been a number of west bound rear end collissions due to the pack of west bound traffic stopping for a vehicle allowed to make a left turn at this location, and cross 3 west bound traffic lanes.
      sincere – hank springer


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