You Should be Ashamed of These Guys

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Dear Manager Harden,
At the last City Council meeting there was some confusion as to whether the new $2 million filter/outfall project would allow us to discharge treated effluent to the wetlands. During the course of discussion, two simple questions were asked.  The first, by Ted Noftall, was:  “can we get clarification on that?” and the second, by you, was: “what does the filter do?” The City’s Project Manager and Quentin L Hampton’s President, both Professional Engineers licensed by the State of Florida, then fumbled and bumbled around for several minutes and did everything but answer those two simple questions. They sounded more like a couple of kids trying to explain how the baseball broke the living room window than two highly paid professionals.
You should be ashamed of their performance and ashamed that they represent the City of Port Orange. The question now becomes what will you do about it? Since open criticism is not an option for you, members of the public who witnessed this charade are in a position of having to trust you to do something behind closed doors. “Trust me” is a meaningless phrase unless followed by action.
I had hoped that by this time there would have been some kind of outcry from the City Council but their tolerance for being misled and misinformed seems almost limitless. Absent any nudging from Council, the taxpayers can only hope that you make an apology and follow it with a forthright and factual presentation of the project without any hidden agendas.
Mike Gardner
618Ruth St
Port Orange, FL 32127

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