Have Storm water Utility Fund fees been properly accounted for at all times ?

ted0Good afternoon Manager Harden,
The ordinance establishing the Storm water Utility fee which appears on City residents property tax bill as a non-ad valorem charge demands a strict accounting for all revenues and disbursements.
Indeed that ordinance mandates that no more than 2% of revenues be spent on other than storm water R&R.
That strict accounting has never been provided by the hapless Port Orange Finance department, AND now we have been advised by your acting Public Works Director in multiple public meetings that storm water utility maintenance has been severely curtailed in recent years with no corresponding reduction in the storm water fees property owners have been charged.
Much of that severe curtailment was as result of your former Public works director decision to redirect drainage crews to median lawn maintenance. As issue is whether those drainage payrolls and other expenditures were thus charged to other than the Storm water Utility Fund.
Accordingly, will your office be providing the requisite analysis required to assure Port Orange property owners that their Storm water Utility Fund fees have been properly accounted for at all times ?
Thank you
Ted Noftall
for responsible government — 2016

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