Concerns with the scope of work to be done on Clubhouse

newtonMr. Harden,
Being familiar with the discussions, needs and wants at the clubhouse and having been working on this issue for over two years I have a few concerns with the scope of work to be done.
Tuesday night during the discussion the type of window glass was mentioned. I had seen drawing over a year ago of a storefront type and only assumed that all glass would be double pane insulated for energy efficiency.  Tuesday it took what was said to be that it was not impact rated and only met wind load requirement has storm shutters are in place.  My concern is not seeing a current rendering of the work that without insulated glass the HVAC will not be sufficient with a typical single pane aluminum framed store front. Has this been considered, what are the calculations, R values of the walls and windows?
While I would agree that replacing the carpet MAY be a need has it has been flooded it certainly could be preserved and relaid after construction, unless it is a glue in or deemed unfit due to mold.  Is the carpet glued in?  Has mold testing been done?
The roof over option is the best way of mitigating the water problem without a doubt. It is also the most expensive, and not the only solution. gutters that are piped away with a waterproofed wall catch basins and sump pump will handle it. Remember the walls would be waterproofed, and the landscape graded away from the building. During the discussion Mr. Flagg said he considered the roof design “flawed” in that 3 or 4 roof hips dump into these small areas. Is their any recourse to the designers, architects or engineers?
Loading dock pits like the one in back of my work are able to be kept dry even though they are feet below grade and have roof drain downspouts and a open sloped area more than large enough to park two tractor trailer trucks.
The installation of the new walls in place of the vinyl may not require a new paint job at this time. The new walls will certainly be thicker that the old and if care is taken minor patching a blending of the paint along with the curtains and decor inside and the shutters on the outside could get us acceptable results that would carry to 2017 to see if we get a new operator with different ideas.  Again a repaint is the best option but the most expensive and while knowing flooring and paint will be done makes the work easier as you are not having to be concerned about damage it is an unnecessary expense at this time.  Please convince me otherwise.
Newton White
CC City Council

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