Sign Pollution Selective Enforcement?

To;  David Harden
A few weeks ago i had an approved garage sale. I placed two signs on Herbert street close to the subdivision than the road. My neighbor came over and said code enforcement took them. Last Saturday i witnessed code enforcement take a small open house sign and place it in her truck.
Im all for nuisance signs being picked up so lets not misunderstand my question.
Today i count no less than 9!! Signs for the farmers market. Herbert st. Dunlawton. Clyde morris. 5 were handwritten and advertising ” hot sauces”. ” home grown vegetables”.
As my garage sale was i assume this farmers market has the blessing of the city but how is it the “nuisance” signs for that are allowed to be displayed, on dunlawton and city center in a clump of 4 signs??
I called last week and left a message with code and predictably got no return call. I called this morning and once again left a polite question with my phone number.
I would like to know how the city justifies taking garage sale type signs from residents when they know they are temporary, but allows other blight signs to remain. Shouldn’t the rules be enforced the same for all?
386 212 9412.
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2 thoughts on “Sign Pollution Selective Enforcement?

  • April 9, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    because the ruling monarch detests garage sale signs so much so that people are charged with working weekends to patrol around for the sole purpose of errant folks trying to get a buck for their stuff

    • April 10, 2015 at 1:38 pm

      I’d like to put the ruling monarch in a garage sale…maybe someone would pay .50 cents to cart him off and get him out of our hair.
      Does it make sense that you have to apply for a permit to have a garage sale and then are not allowed to put up signs for a day to two?????


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