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I quote from the response “City will spray and weed when time allows.” When time allows, the city will do the work that is expected and paid for by the citizens to enhance the appearance of our city and improve our property values. Is that truly what I am reading?
“Area on Clyde Morris south of City Center is County responsibility. Have had a hard time in getting them to keep up. County number is 386-822-6422”   Wow OK that’s good, we are just two slices of bread short of a sandwich.
I have been told for years now that this is a back and forth with the county and the city residents are losing, I will do my part and make a call heck I have Judy Grimm’s email and Jim Dennien’s for what good it will do. How about our city leadership getting serious about the appearance and get to the bottom line. Take what the county will give and do the work to make our city look right. That does not mean a wide spray area of roundup, dead weeds and eventually bare soil that will erode away. Now would be a good time to ask what it will take in next years budget to make it right. Meanwhile can we get it fixed?
These are the roads that are traveled not just by our residents, but by the prospective residents looking for an appealing place to buy a home. They are the roads traveled by those thinking of expanding or starting a business, we cannot be content in our success with Altmeria filling up and the twin WaWa’s continued improvement and bringing back the pride in our city. The pride that has been lost in the hearts and work ethic of staff. This is not a new development I have attached my citizen comments from May 28, 2013 and the pictures I had that night.
Sorry that I am frustrated, I do not intend to come off angry or ungrateful for the work that is performed daily by our staff. Having spent time on both sides of management I never received enough praise for work done nor was I able to give enough appreciation for the completion of the everyday tasks I depended on my people to do. The best analogy I can think of is that it would not be believed if you cheered every time the lights came on when the switch was flipped, the water flowed when the faucet was turned or the phone worked, all everyday things that require diligent effort of many skilled and talented people, but alas let the lights flicker, the water trickle or get no dial tone and see what happens.
Thank you for all that you do,
Newton White

[editors note]  Why are the trouble tickets in the Citizen Connection file marked Completed when it is obvious the task was not completed at that time?  Complaint tickets should remain open and active (i.e. marked pending) until  the complaint is resolved and not marked as completed when a clerk simply replies to the citizen. That practice is most likely the reason many complaints never get resolved in a timely manner.

——– Forwarded Message ——–
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 10:31:04 -0400
Reason for Workorder: Mowing
Address: Taylor Road
Resident Description: Who is responsible for weed eating along the right of way next to the backs of the fences. The area I am asking about today is on Taylor west of Parkwood to the high school, but it is the same in other areas of the city where peoples back yards back up to main roads.
If it is the city side please process as a complaint to the city, if it the residents let me know if you need help identifying addresses. Clyde Morris south of city center is another area that comes to mind.
Current Status: Completed
Completed: Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 10:31 am
Completion Notes: Area on Taylor west of Parkwood is responsibility of City and County. City will spray and weed when time allows.
Area on Clyde Morris south of City Center is County responsibility. Have had a hard time in getting them to keep up. County number is 386-822-6422
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