True Accountability Does Not Flourish In The City Government of Port Orange.


hank4The recent workshop about the Berm was held by Port Orange City council but was not televised. Yesterday a video of this meeting had not yet been posted on the city web site, so I have not yet been able to review that meeting. I reported in error that the second hand source to information about the former city manager not wanting a change order in effect for the berm, was unknown. That source who presented such information to Quenton L.Hamptom is Fred Griffith, and there was no attempt to keep his name secret.
Mr. Griffith has been a key player probably having information about all the deception and cover up of this Berm issue and I suspect knows the real story about the bad engineering and political decisions in planning to build the berm, then cancelling building the berm and hiding such information from the city council members.
I highly guess that Mr.Griffith knows what happened on those issues and if he would tell us all about what he knows we wouldn’t need to spend all this time and money on berm investigations and solutions. But true accountability does not flourish in the city government of Port Orange.
How many investigations and discussions have we had on this berm issue and is it true that the person who was first opposed to the building of the berm was a near by resident,Mrs.Grubbs? And is it true that Mrs.Gubbs has not been interviewed? Did Mrs.Grubbs voice her opposition to the building of the berm to the construction mayor Allen Green? Who in city government did Mrs.Grubbs speak to about her opposition to the building of the berm, and what did that city employee do with her information.
It would seem to me that the key players of this failed engineering project and the deceit which followed are Mrs.Gurbbs, Mr.Griffith, Mayor Allen Green and the then sitting city manager.
Why are the city council members satisfied with being deceived and not receiving all the true pertinent information about this debacle? What is it with this city council, of whom we all had expected so much support for transparency and honesty? Ford, Stiltner,Bastian,Burnette. They have let the citizens down on this berm issue, in many aspects of the disasters, and contribute to the preposterous climate of this whole affair.
The present city council once again is part of the problem. How can city council members sit in on meetings after meetings and accept that no one really knows why there was a change order on the berm, why the city council had not been informed, why there is no true accounting of what the berm built would cost, and why after a number of investigations on this matter, everyone knows nothing? “I know nothing” is not only the city council’s position on this matter, but reflects almost everyone’s actions in this disgusting issue.
Can anyone with any ounce of common sense suspect that the construction mayor Allen Green and the City Engineer Fred Griffith were not aware of the hidden communications on this project, and are now being honest about what they knew?
Did anyone find out why, what or who were responsible in Mr.Griffith changing his mind on not building the berm by writing “I relent” .
The Saint John’s River Authority was also deceived in this matter.
I think the whole thing deserves legal action. Money was involved, deceit, cover up, lack of transparency, ignorence, circumventing the city council process, and still these issues are not resolved. Is there any issue greater than this that cries out for court action?
I would like to hear from the public on this issue. But you must comment to me and be willing to have your comments published with your name. If you have questions, I will foward them to Ted Noftall, Mike Gardiner, Newton White and Mark Schaefer. Asking questions of anyone working in city hall will get us nowhere. The before named individuals are up on the issues and will give us their honest answers to questions about this berm issue.
If you want to voice your questions and comments about the berm issue it probably would be best to send me an e mail and I would post your questions and comments. hank springer (386 852 3178)
posted 941 am 4/30/15

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