Traffic Engineering Request

County Traffic Engineer’s Message

to;  FDOT
Rick, Chris,

We received the following request from the City of Port Orange to change the northbound lane assignments (L, LTR) and split phase this signal
to alleviate northbound left-turn congestion.  This is a state road and any operation or geometric changes would have to be approved through your office.  We would ask that you pls evaluate this request to determine whether the overall operation of the signal would preform better and whether the existing geometry of the road could accommodate this request.  I believe the FDOT retimed this intersection within the past several years so hopefully the turning movement count at this intersection may be used.  I’ve attached recent signal timing sheet  for your use.
Could you also evaluate with dual LT’s w/o split phasing.  It appears the south approach receiving lane is rather wide, if the city agrees to construct an additional northbound (ie., dual LT’s) and shift the median to the west w/o split phasing since the split phasing would take time away from SR 421/Dunlawton and make the intersection less efficient.  I understand you would need to evaluate whether there is sufficient 8 foot separation b/w north-south left turns and whether the northbound signal pole mast arm is long enough to handle additional northbound lane.  I’ve attached the signal plan for your use.
Thank you for consideration of this request.  jon:-)
Jon Cheney, P.E.
County of Volusia Traffic Engineering
123 West Indiana Avenue
DeLand, FL 32720-4262
Tel:  386-736-5968, ext. 12709
Fax:  386-740-5242
“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”
– George Carlin

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Being the County Traffic Engineer always signs off on his Emails with a joke from George Carlin, …… So I’ve added this cartoon


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