Complaint # 426 About Dunlawton Ave Traffic Signals

Intersection Traffic Signal Control Cabinet


to: David Harden
Please see the response below from FDOT regarding traffic lights on Dunlawton.

From: Bass, Crystal [] On Behalf Of Downs, Noranne
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 3:08 PM
To: Stiltner, Scott; Dallis
Cc: Green, Allen; Bastian, Drew; Ford, Bob; Burnette, Don; CityClerk;; Downs, Noranne
Subject: RE: Traffic Flow On Dunlawton Avenue
Good afternoon Mr. Vance,
Our team looked into the situation and found out what the problem is.  The traffic sensors along Dunlawton had to be disabled due to construction work.  There are temporary sensors in place, however they really don’t work as well as we’d like and cause the problems you described.  The good news is the contractor has started working on installing the new sensors and should be able to finish within a couple of weeks as long as the weather cooperates.  This should help traffic operate much more smoothly.
Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you with.
Thank you,
Crystal Bass
Executive Assistant
Office of the District Five Secretary
719 S. Woodland Blvd.; DeLand, FL 32720
386-943-5475, Fax 386-943-5661

From: Stiltner, Scott []
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 8:51 AM
To: Dallis; Downs, Noranne
Cc: Green, Allen; Bastian, Drew; Ford, Bob; Burnette, Don; CityClerk;
Subject: Re: Traffic Flow On Dunlawton Avenue
Importance: High
Mr. Vance,
Forwarding your concerns to Noranne Downs with Florida Department of Transportation.  Dunlawton is a State roadway and the City has no control over the lights and settings.
My best! Scott
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On Apr 28, 2015, at 8:04 AM, “Dallis” <> wrote:
Good Morning,
I have a request for your consideration.
I drive Dunlawton Avenue every morning (06:30) and every afternoon (4:00).  I was wondering if anything could be done about the traffic lights on Dunlawton.  In the morning it is insane to have to stop for every single traffic light from Summer Trees to A1A.  This happened to me this morning, and is not uncommon.  It took me from 06:31 until 06:48 to travel from Summer Trees to A1A this morning.  That is nuts for that early in the day with very little traffic.
The four street lights I would like to see adjusted first are:
Summer Trees Road
Victoria Gardens
Village Trl
Spruce Creek Road
There is rarely more than one car at these cross streets in the morning yet Dunlawton traffic is stopped way to long.  A consideration would be eliminating the left/right turn lights on these four roads, and shortening the time.
On the way home it is worse.  There are times – again not uncommon – where on Dunlawton I have to sit through the traffic lights at Spruce Creek Road, and Clyde Morris twice.
I think any changes you can make to speed up the traffic flow on Dunlawton Avenue would be an enormous help to our community.
Thanks for your time.
Dallis Vance
5486 Ward Lake Drive
Port Orange, Florida 32128

Traffic Signal Control Cabinet from the 1960s ~ 1970s


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