To Build or Not To Build The Berm

And Shame On Us For Letting This Continue

Shame on the local officials and politicians that would prefer to sit on their hands and not do anything to solve the Nova Canal flooding problems at Dunlawton Ave and surrounding area.  Especially if they are doing so because they dislike the source of the complaints.

Keep in mind,  the Nova/Halifax Canal was originally designed and built for the sole purpose of carrying storm-water runoff to Rose Bay mostly from city’s north of us.   It was never designed nor built to deliver any part of that runoff water to Dunlawton Ave.

The installation of the proposed berm at Dunlawton, will in no way constrict or reduce the capacity of the original design of the canal at that location.  It simply keeps the storm water within the existing canal banks as originally designed. ( ask any engineer )

Case in Point for those amongst us unsure if we should build the berm:    If originally back in the 1950s a storm water pipe was installed instead of the open canal and that pipe was now leaking at Dunlawton Ave,  Would we now patch that leak or let it continue to flood our local streets and highways at that point?
The crux of this problem is the capacity of the original canal was never designed nor built to accommodate all the ongoing construction and development activity occurring north of this area.  If the lack of area-wide planning continues we will soon have to build a berm along the entire length of that canal within Port Orange

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