Puddles on Halifax Drive



Thanks Dave. I appreciate your timely response and professional attitude.


On Jun 1, 2015, at 5:06 PM, David Quartier <dave@davespestcontrol.com>
wrote:Hi Buddy,
Several companies use the water hydrant in front of your property. If it was one of our technicians who left the cap off or flooded the street, I apologize for that and assure you the party or parties responsible will be disciplined. And I assure you it will never happen again.
The technician who held the unconnected hydrant up to show you could not have been a Dave’s Pest Control employee as our meters are permanently bolted to our vehicles.
Dave’s Pest Control employees will no longer be using this hydrant unless absolutely necessary.
If you ever have a problem with Dave’s Pest Control or any of our employees, please call me anytime day or night, as my work phone and cell phone numbers are still the same ones  you have always called me on while we were working on the property deals over the years.
You have done a great job on Phase 1 of the Riverwalk project as you have done on all of your projects throughout Port Orange. I look forward to your completion of all phases of the Rivewalk project.
David S. Quartier
Dave’s Pest Control, Inc.
3641 Ridgewood Avenue
Port Orange, Florida 32129
(386)767-7451 Port Orange
(386)428-0275 New Smyrna Beach
(386)246-5055 Palm Coast
(386)734-2020 Deland
(386)760-6860 Fax


On June 1, 2015 at 11:23 AM buddy@lacourandcompany.com wrote:
to;  Mayor & Council
Attached are pictures of what we deal with every day due to Dave’s Pest Control filling their trucks
from the fire hydrant located on Halifax Drive across from our parking lot and on the Right-of-way.
Each time they fill their trucks there is several inches of water deposited on to Halifax Drive and the
Right of Way creating mud puddles and standing water and it is damaging our property. As you can see
from the photos they also leave the cap off the Hydrant. About a week ago I spoke with the service
technician who was filling his truck and he said they had a license, as he held up the meter that was
not connected to the hydrant or the hose that he was using. This happens several times a day during
business hours.
We have worked hard to create a beautiful pedestrian friendly environment for Phase I of the Riverwalk
project and take offense that this is allowed to go on. No other business in town is subject to this
kind of damage or unsightly mess. We would like to request that this matter be looked into immediately
and resolved.
Buddy LaCour
LaCour and Company
220 Charles Street
Port Orange, FL 32129

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  • June 3, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Do companies really use our fire hydrants and meter their own water?? For real?


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