Possible Violation of the 14th Amendment?

to: Wayne Clark
Hello Mr. Clark,
While I hope this email finds you well, I write it to better our community and help protect your citizens and employees as well as comply with the public records laws for findings at the result of said call.
Since being a recipient of a false, fake, controlled call, I have learned that there is no logging, or documentation whatsoever made by J. Rivera while making code enforcement type calls where the end result could be detrimental to the lively hood of the individual business who is receiving the phone calls. These calls are made creatively and surreptitiously in an effort to attempt to solicit information that are of violation to your code of ordinances; ultimately shutting a persons business down if they say or do the wrong responses believed by the individual according to Rivera. This being a violation of our 14th amendment
I request that you immediately do the following to protect the citizens and employees:
1. Create a guideline or policy that allows for proper training and procedure for contacts like these fake and false controlled calls; Per 42 USC 1983
2. When these phone calls occur, have a secondary person there jotting or noting statements made or simply as a witness. Or more authoritative power like a code officer or enforcing personnel make the call or witness.
3. provide a documentation for pro or con, founded and unfounded results for the citizens so that in the future if Rivera is no longer there and or on vacation the information can be easily relayed.
4. Advise employees of 14th amendment due process as pertaining to statements of: If I would have said yes to studio work in home, you would have been shut down.
This is generally how it is within your department, information is freely accessible and can be searched within your department as I see it when I am in. While I have determined that there is currently no log, or any documentation this also may be the first time that Rivera has made these types of calls according to everyone I have spoken to.
Mark Dickinson

One thought on “Possible Violation of the 14th Amendment?

  • June 18, 2015 at 11:15 am

    I had a crossing with this fella Mark once. He was violating my rights to privacy. When I politely asked him to stop, he stated that it was a free world and he does what ever he wants. Very arrogant person. KARMA……………


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