Is Money Really Divided Up Behind Closed Doors?


Submitted on 2015/06/21 at 10:45 pm
I sure hope everyone in Port Orange who does not read this blog or follow city politics on a regular basis can be told how really huge this berm controversy has become for our future. For the first time I can remember the consulting engineers and city insiders have been forced to operate in the open and they do not like it. In years past (and I have been here a lot of years) everthing they said would have been accepted as fact and used to justify whatever they wanted to do. City Council would just nod their empty heads and vote for whatever the mayor and city manager told them to do. All the money would be divided up behind closed doors.
That is changing now because a rag-tag group of citizen activists have been asking hard questions and digging for facts the power boys want to keep hidden. What they have found out has always come the hard way since the ICCMA hacks in charge at the city and the fat cat engineers all prefer to feed in the dark. The chamber of commerce has been used to bad-mouth them, Sonia Laney ran for city council with the only issue that she was anti-activist, and Don Burnette knifed Ted Noftall in the back last year when he tried to remove him from the Audit and Budget board. Mayor Green looks like he is going to start screaming whenever one of them stands up to speak at a meeting and calls them bad citizens for not wanting to raise taxes! They have even been threatened with lawsuits by the Quentin Hampton boys as well as by the former city manager. Almost forgot–everything wrong with the city is their fault.
The fact that SJRWMD is demanding Quentin Hampton do its job and not shove the berm under the rug with all the past screw-ups is huge. Everyone now knows they have to be accountable to the people who ultimately pay the bills–the taxpayers. Maybe government in the open can become the norm rather than the exception but I do not expect the established culture of business as usual to give up easy. The activists can expect a lot more attacks in the future.   

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