Not a Happy Camper

to: City Managers office
Ms. Gutierrez,
I would like to request a copy of the communication between Rivera and the recipient to who had questioned him about the date the unauthorized camera was installed. If a memorandum or email exists when Rivera answered dishonestly and lied about the installation please provide me with the copy of that memorandum or email where he responded.

The reprimand warns of “more severe disciplinary action” Please provide the disciplinary action that has taken place for the reprimand dated June 15th 2015. 
Since the 3 days from the 15th has lapsed, Please provide me with Rivera’s comments or additions to this reprimand. If he had not added any indicate so. 
Please provide a copy of all of Rivera’s video recordings that had taken place. I will provide you with media to have it dumped to. Since this may be a violation per 810.145. Please refer to the FSS. 119 for the storing of these recordings as it happened on city time with city computer and city employees. If you deem it against public record, please retain per law. 
Provide copies of Rivera’s disciplinary reprimands (excluding the one I have been provided) All evaluations from Hutcheson and Clark or any supervisor that has evaluated him. For this potential redaction of information.
Provide a copy of Rivera’s initial employment application I only want in his initial application section that indicates his response to being arrested on the application. 

Provide a copy of your civil service rule and regulations via electronic means if available. 
As a citizen who pays taxes and feel what appears to be a significant loss over a short period of time, and since this information is being brought to you now;Since you have publicly presented evidence of abuse and neglect of performance, if you already aren’t doing so, I am requesting that an in depth audit be done for Rivera’s internet history, phone calls, and regarding willful neglect of duties, and leaving workstations for extended periods of time to the position he is assigned of like to have a total loss to taxpayers for the duration of his employment with the City.
This span you have provided dates back only to April 2015. It is such a short period of time for what appears to be a lot of violations. It needs to be explored on how much more has been done.  I am confident that your IT department’s supervisor should be in charge of this, to determine the root website, time visited and duration of the visit. Refer to your own policy for authorized websites visited vs. unauthorized. I request that you do this with a person that is not connected to him, (referring to his lengthy visit to IT department) to prevent any conflict or searches that might be conveniently overlooked as this reprimand seemingly indicates as your method of doing business with violations and questionable behavior of your employees.Provide a list of all businesses that you had discovered that the checks had not been filed properly (803 (a) ) violation, or that have had an adverse effect of not being able to complete events based off of the information contained within the reprimand.

Provide a policy on Where and what section is the city’s policy on piercings and tattoos?
How did the supervisors let this go on for so long? Is it not true that they work within earshot of each other?

Does your city have a probationary period for civilian employees? If yes, what is the terms?
Regarding charges for time searching, I do not have an interest in exceeding your time frames of searching as each of these are separate events. As your thorough on quoting approximate time and being compensated with the requests that exceed 1/2 hr citizens. You had indicated in previous emails the omission of the statute of “may charge” under subsection C. While speaking with you regarding the charges, I had told you that a city employee contacted an acquaintance of mine who then contacted me about my initial request through your office. I had been advised that there is discretion within the charges depending on my mental status as you may remember. I am more than happy to pay for physical copies of any material provided.As per my previous requests, I DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTACTED BY PHONE BY ANYONE OF YOUR City for complaints or issues.  It has been enough. Last contact was with  Hutcheson where he had explained that he was going to write me an email regarding Rivera’s call but decided to call instead. That call took 30 more minutes of my time. I have asked this over and over. If you so desire to call to tell me materials are ready I am ok with that.
Mark Dickinson

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  • June 22, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    This guy owns Mark Dickinson Photography. Very nasty to people all the time. He has a hard time keeping loyal to his wife too. Wish we knew what the whole story was here. I’m sure false claims or he is having one of his temper tantrums because he didn’t get his way.


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