Does The Apology of Brad Blais Address the Core of the Confusion He Created?

ted0To: Manager Harden,
The apology  Brad Blais  offered in his e-mail below,   does not address the core  of the confusion itself which he created  during  the  June 16th 2015 Council meeting  by providing testimony based not on the permitted plans for the Dunlawton Avenue Drainage Improvements Project,   but rather on the altered  bid  plans
The question I had asked  Mr. Blais  was  —   would the  over bank flooding  still occur where he  was indicating in his attached power point,  namely  *along the west  side of Spruce Creek Road  south of Powers Avenue,  * at the headwall where the culvert goes under Dunlawton Avenue, and * at the north end of the shortened  berm     IF  HE HAD  BEEN  referencing the permitted  plans  and not the altered bid plans  ?
It is important that Council and the people they were elected to represent have a clear understanding from the Design Engineer as to effectiveness of the berm as permitted in preventing canal water from overtopping its banks near Powers Avenue  —  BESAUSE AS  Mr. Giannini  noted in his  June 19th  2015 letter to SJRWMD   any major modification including not constructing the berm will require a  ” major permit modificationincluding submittal of revised storm water modeling results ”  
 You will also remember that Mr. Giannini   told us on  October 28th 2014 that  the Dunlawton storage pond  – “was analyzed without influence from the canal as a stand-alone system due to the fact that if the canal overtops its banks, the pond volume is inundated by flood waters from the canal ”
To re-model this project  ‘ with influence from the canal and without inundating the Dunlawton storage pond ‘   could well lead to construction costs in the tens of millions if for example it is found that increased pumping capability and a second discharge pipe to the river is required – as will likely be the case.
I am not aware of reason to conclude that the 6.0 elevation ‘ berm ‘  as  permitted   would not  prevent  the canal from over topping its banks in the  Powers Avenue vicinity to that elevation.
Would you please invite Mr. Blais to reappear before Council to answer this most important question highlighted in bold above.
Thank you
Ted Noftall
for responsible government  –  2016
From: Brad Blais []
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2015 9:06 PM
To: Harden, David; Ford, Bob; Stiltner, Scott; Green, Allen;; Burnette, Don
Cc: Rivera, Cynthia
Subject: Re: Clarification
Manager Harden-
I would like to clarify a statement made in response to citizen question posed at Tuesday evening’s meeting. Specifically, a question was asked about the berm configuration as depicted on the ‘SJRWMD’ permit vs the final bid set. I reviewed the project files after the meeting and found that the original depiction did indeed include additional fill on the south end of the berm on the west side of the canal up to Powers Ave.. The bid set revised this requirement due to constructability issues. I would like to clarify this comment and apologize for any confusion.
Brad T. Blais

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