Riverwalk Land Swap Deals

Below is a map of part of Riverwalk, marked are the lots owned or controlled by the developer. I urge each of you on council think about the future of this corner and the last section of Riverwalk, as any land swap or deal is discussed. These parcels are in a key location on the corner, in that little if anything can be done with the rest without them.
In the past offers were made in exchange for the city/CRA owned funeral home property. The exchanges worked on vale per square foot or offered a swap for area east of the walkway that was of no use to the developer or city and has grass and protected mangroves. No profit can or would be made, only the expense of mowing or the absence from the tax roll. In my view the trade was for a needed key piece in exchange for land that would remain landscape and maintained by the city. A poor deal for the city and it’s investors, stakeholders, taxpayers.
I urge each of you on council to not consider any deal or swap that does not acquire for the CRA/city the parcels on the Dunlawton corner.
All dollar values aside putting the corner together so that it can be fully utilized without further dealing, is the goal I would like to see the city seek. Once assembled the city/CRA could lease, sell or use that corner. If not we can be sure to be going around and around again to finish the Riverwalk.
Newton White

2 thoughts on “Riverwalk Land Swap Deals

  • July 4, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    I could not agree more. Why would the council consider a land swap without putting all of the cities property together for future development. If the people’s property isn’t contiguous then we are held hostage for future negotiations. Someone other than the city will be controlling our destiny.
    To Ted’s point… Who is negotiating for the tax payer?

    • July 5, 2015 at 12:07 pm

      To Ted’s point… Who is negotiating for the tax payer? The answer is of course no one.
      Bastian and Stiltner have become nothing more than the useless replacements for Kennedy and Pohlmann. They promised voters much in the way of change and have delivered zilch.
      Green is still directing the show to benefit his Buddy without missing a beat with the trade out of one brace of useful idiots for another.


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