Is Anyone Negotiating On Taxpayers Behalf ??

ted0Good morning Margaret and David,
As you are aware Condo towers are not favored by most Port Orange residents. Indeed if Council is to be believed those high rise towers are not even favored by a majority of current council members YET the Riverwalk developer enjoys exactly such zoning for his upland property in Riverwalk.
How did that come to be ??
Well the Riverwalk developer obtained high rise zoning by voluntarily transferring the commercial rights he enjoyed in the old Sweetwaters restaurant located on the Point to his upland property leaving the Point with its current zoning of recreation and conservation – meaning the only development that can go on the point without re-zoning is a park.
The developer never one to shy away from asking for the moon the sun and the stars now wants his cake and eat it too.
He wants to keep his high rise condo zoning AND he wants Council re-zone his Point back to commercial development from recreation and conservation.
BECAUSE TAXPAYERS through their Council received a benefit when they held their noses and permitted high rise condos — in the form of the Point being re-zoned recreation and conservation with the understanding it would become the focal point of the Riverwalk Park.
IT ONLY STANDS to reason that taxpayers now inquire as to what they are to receive for re-zoning the Point back to commercial development.
You may remember at Tuesday evening’s workshop I inquired as to who was negotiating with the Riverwalk developer on taxpayers behalf in that re-zoning request ??
The Mayor answered that he and Council had been handling that negotiation. While I believe the Mayor gave a factually incorrect answer I would none the less ask that you provide me with the dates of those negotiations, And whether they were held in regular or special meetings, or in the shade, or individually in secret.
If you are unable to provide any such meeting dates and if Council to your knowledge has not been engaged in such negotiation, would each of you please disclose if you are aware of any other person who has been negotiating on taxpayers behalf in this regard.
With the 2016 elections right around the corner it is important that City residents have a clear understanding as to who if anyone is negotiating on their behalf in this most important transaction.
Thank you
Ted Noftall
for responsible government — 2016

2 thoughts on “Is Anyone Negotiating On Taxpayers Behalf ??

  • July 2, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Ted, how did you come up with that most Port Orange residents don’t favor the condo’s?
    Did you take a pole?

  • July 2, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    I can not believe Griffith’s wife is back at it. Fred….keep her at home. Fred G that is…not Fred N or is it Ted N?? Fred or Fred or Ted…..oh lord they let the freak show back in and it’s not even silly season!.


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