Please Provide an Accurate Accounting – AS IS REQUIRED BY ORDINANCE.


ted0From: Ted Noftall []
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2015 2:35 PM
To: Harden, David; Riehm, Tracey
Cc: Bob Ford;; Drew Bastian; Green, Allen; Scott Stiltner
Subject: Irresponsible Storm water Rate Increase Request
Manager Harden,
You and your hapless administration are behaving irresponsibility to be requesting double digit increases in the Non-Ad Valorem  Storm water utility fee   AFTER ADMITTING  on multiple recent occasions  that you are either un-able or un-willing to provide an accurate accounting for where these storm water revenues have been spent to date – AS IS REQUIRED BY ORDINANCE.
Annual statements of revenue and expenditures for the Storm water utility fund by project,  including all matching dollars received,   should be being produced  as part of the normal  reporting of a competent financial  reporting system.  They should be produced now,   all be it after the fact,   to provide Council with some rational basis on which to formulate policy direction.
Over the past decade Port Orange residents have been charged  over $35,000,000 in non-Ad Valorem Storm water fees on their property tax bills.    A modest assumption of only a dollar for dollar matching from other agencies means that at least  $ 70,000,000  should have been  spent on  storm water abatement over the past 10 years,   AND  YOU in your capacity of City Manager cannot provide any such assurance that happened.
Taxpayers have every right to know not only where this money was spent but whether it was spent efficiently in accordance with a purposeful overall plan,   before that are asked to pay any more of their hard earned money  into this black hole.
Council followed advice  from you and your predecessor  to spend millions on meter replacement and to  authorize  a supposed 3% increase in sewer and reclaimed fees that has sadly resulted in double digit increases for some users.    You and your staff have never provided  anything beyond a kindergarten analysis  of revenues flowing from these decisions,    AND when Council  questioned the water utility  revenues they were given during the  last Council meeting  they received answers that were neither comprehensive,  confident or  convincing.
Enough is enough Mr. Manager.
If you are unable or un-willing  to produce the ordinance mandated  accurate accounting for all such  annual Storm water revenues  and expenditures  in total and by project   then
you need to defer your proposed Storm water rate increase  request until Council and the citizens they represent are provided with  verifiable assurance that  a adequate tracking  and reporting system has been successfully implemented that will comply with the strict accounting mandated by the decade old ordinance that established this  Non- Ad Valorem  assessment  to begin with.
Ted Noftall
Candidate for Mayor
City of Port Orange -2016

One thought on “Please Provide an Accurate Accounting – AS IS REQUIRED BY ORDINANCE.

  • July 11, 2015 at 11:23 am

    We are not requesting a rate increase. We have presented a balanced budget based on current rates. We have also presented a list of operating expenses and capital projects which were requested by Public Works but are not funded in the budget I am presenting. In addition we have provided Council with calculations of the additional revenue which could be raised by various rate increases, if they were to choose to do so in order to fund additional requests. It is up to the City Council to determine whether any of these requests are important enough to justify any rate increase this year. They might also choose to remove from the recommended budget some items staff has included and add back in some item we have not funded in our proposed budget.


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