Better Late Than Never

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July 2 Letter from Masci

 “Masci Demands $9,393 to Turn Over Records on Dunlawton Drainage Project”

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  1. Touche for Maschi! People like David Harden and the current group of perfunctory administrators with jaded backgrounds that he recently hired think they can snap their fingers and everybody around them is going to scramble and do their jobs for them. This happens all the time with city employees within the city. The least rewarded and recognized long term employees put together all the high level work and are directed to do so by Harden and his administrative flunkies and directed to script everything for Harden and his flunkies so that they can do their best “Moon over Parador” city manager and department head impersonations for the city council and the public.
    Harden has directed Masci Construction to provide substantial amounts of redundant information that was provided before and should have been in the possession of the city’s project manager and consulting engineer. Masci however does not have to scramble on command and jump at Harden’s beck and call to bail him and his incompetent management team’s asses out. Masci is making Harden pay through the teeth to put a lid on him passing the buck and to expose how incompetent he and his inner circle of management is. Why did we higher this aging relic of incompetency and hypocrisy in the first place? Once again, thank you city council (not).

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One thought on “Better Late Than Never

  • August 4, 2015 at 7:44 am

    I know government moves slowly — but does it really take 30 days to type a one page letter ???
    They could get one of the kids from McDonald’s to type it in less than an hour


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