Is our city getting a fair shake on this?

Two items of interest on the agenda I would like to question.

Is our city getting a fair shake on this? The city responds to a handful of enclaves not even close to serviceable from the county FD. Our city also provides a superior level of service and safety with three person trucks than the county sends on mutual aid calls for us. I am told and have seen in the media that the county charges a MSD (municipal service district) tax to these enclaves that is in fact higher than our city tax.  It brings me to question if our city is getting a fair price when I see that it has been reduced so much, I would expect to see more information to show that they are paying fairly for the services our city is providing and that Port Orange taxpayers are not shouldering the burden for those who do not wish to be part of our city.

It had suggested and I was under the impression that insulated glass was going to be looked into for the clubhouse. The benefits of less noise, and energy efficiency, and the elimination of it feeling warm or a cold draft next to the window are worth the investment. The HVAC may not need be so expensive or sized as large with improved glass. Don’t miss this opportunity, at least make sure it was explored.
Newton White

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  • August 4, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    During the first seven month of this fiscal year the county responded to 21 fire related calls within the city limits while the City responded to 39 fire related calls in the unincorporated area, a difference of 18 calls in the city’s favor. I am told that the fee paid to the city has been reduced over the years because the number of calls has fallen. From another perspective this is basically extra money to the City. If we stopped responding to these calls we would save a few dollars on fuel, but our savings would only be a small fraction of the $50,000 we get from the county. Said another way, our marginal cost to serve these calls is far less than $50,000.
    On your other question, I am told that the windows specified are insulated windows, but Susan is checking to verify exactly what we will be getting

  • August 5, 2015 at 12:20 am

    More importantly the service provided in return is provided at a lower level then what city residents pay taxes to receive. Its the same with New Symrna Beach. Port Orange provides resident of NSB with a higher service level than it receives in return (three Port Orange FFs as opposed to 2 NSB FFs). I dont think we get our moneys worth in either case. Especially if taxpayers in Port Orange are waiting longer for responses because their more appropriately staffed emergency units are in other citys providing manpower subsidies.
    If we enter agreements with the county and neighboring cities we should at least demand equal service levels or they should figure out how to provide for their own citizens.

  • August 5, 2015 at 9:15 am

    I wrote the below back to Mr. Harden. Sadly this item passed on consent agenda without even a whisper of question or discontent. Their was more verbal concern about the right of way maintenance surrounding the new WaWa that is opening. For years now, council has complained and listened to the complaints about the standard of ROW care on county roads, but made no move to take charge and make it right. (clyde morris, yorktown)
    Mr. Harden,
    We may be confusing mutual aid calls, that I believe are paid differently with this pay for dedicated service for the enclaves. I stand to be corrected? In either case it would be a fair estimate that the county residents are being overcharged (their MSD tax) or we are being under paid, I view it as an issue those taxpayers should be aware of, and want to make sure our city is getting a fair amount for the service. That may be hard to figure. Looking at the county vs cities and how the city got the short stick on gas tax and the issues of road maintenance on Yorktown and Clyde Morris we should be skeptical. Yes we should take the 50k but it does not look like we should be happy about it.


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