"I have a few questions I would like answers"

newtonCouncil and Mr. Harden,
I have a few questions I would like answers to that have come to mind while looking over the CIP.
Particularly but not exclusively in the Taylor, Henzel, Spruce Creek area grass is being mowed but not trimmed around trees and street signs and electric poles, curbs are not being edged, and up to fences at the ROW. I wish I had time to provide pictures. Spraying roundup and leaving dead brown spots is not what this should look like either. What is in the contracts? Are we being served properly? Is improvement in the next contracts and cost anticipated?
In the CIP it shows the repaving and reconstruction budget. It reminds me that nothing but Jackson, Oak and Riverside have recently been paved. I have seen nothing in the weekly report. Those were CDBG funded and took them out of the FY15 budget. FY14 also was never completed. I see so may streets in poor shape in the neighborhoods, even Cypress Head what should be a showplace of the municipal golf course is a mile of bad asphalt. Southport off Taylor which I recall seeing on the 15 list has not been done I recall this needing work when I spoke to residents during late 2014. Please explain why next to nothing has been paved? Will we plan to catch up?
In the CIP there is unused money for sidewalks and bike paths. Their are so many spots where we are just yards from completing a loop of existing pathways. What is the hold up? Are steps being taking to get it solved? Making our city more pedestrian cycle and handicap friendly will no doubt improve the value of our community.
Can we find ways to close these gaps?

Spruce Creek south from Oak St. just a few yards to the path at Oak Center brings connectivity from Bushman park.
Willow Run the rest of the way to Williamson (I see funding for a south side path as well)
White Palm ends leaving a gap between there and Summer Trees and down to the corner at Dunlawton.
Around Royal Palm and Town Park
With the Spruce Creek west side path, why didn’t the city put a safer crosswalk using the existing signal at fire station 72?
Parks and rec storage $200,000?
Why is money being put into roofing the Trailwood building? It was talked to be closed out and torn down last year.
Wouldn’t it be better to save the space at city center for useful recreation space? Instead why not build a new better facility at Trailwood put the 200k with the roof and paint money for the old FD 72 building and you got a big warehouse.
The old PD has $400,000 from FY15. I spoke to a senior person in CD who was not optimistic that anything would be done before 2017. With money yet again to move the EOC in the 16 budget. Why is this on the slow path?
Our city hall needs to be updated from the 80’s furniture and folding tables in the conference room.
Dunlawton electronic sign replacement?
It is my opinion it should be replaced with some public art work. We want to restrict LED marquee video type signage and yet the city puts one in. It is not very visible unless you are sitting at the stoplight and happen to look at it then it has obstruction depending where you are sitting or what drives by. Waste of money and time to maintain it!

Two years ago their was a spreadsheet that listed the city fleet with data for mileage repairs etc.. Several vehicles such as some I see on plan to be replaced were ten years old and very low mileage. If a vehicle is not getting enough wear that it lasts ten years and has low mileage, do we need an individual vehicle assigned? Why could we not use a motorpool? This would be beneficial to lower the cost of fleet maintenance, insurance, liability and allow a vehicle need to be fitted each time say a van verses a pickup to carry passengers or a 4×4 truck instead of a car to visit a job site. The county has such a program run by their Central Services department. We were shown during the recession that they dramatically reduced their fleet size and cost with this plan.
Newton White


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