Fast Work by DPW Tree Crew

Hi Mr. Harden,
I just wanted to express my appreciation for the hard work put in by several Port Orange employees late Sunday night and Monday morning.
I had a tree knocked down by the strong wind and storms that occurred Sunday afternoon/evening. That evening sometime around 9:30 PM, I called the non-emergency number for Public Works to see if barricades could or should be put up as the tree was partially in the road (Pepperhill Road) and I was concerned someone might run into it in the dark.
Much to my surprise a short while later, I heard a chainsaw outside. When I looked outside, I noticed a city truck with it’s lights on and a gentleman in a white shirt using a pole saw to cut various parts of the tree. Pretty quick response I thought and more than I had even suggested or expected especially given the late hour.
Well – that was just the beginning. That gentleman continued to cut and cut for probably an hour and a half or more. He cut up everything except for the trunk of the tree and had all of it piled up ready to be picked up and disposed of. Shortly thereafter, a truck with a clamshell loader showed up and loaded up all the mess. The two of them raked up branches and other debris and loaded it in the truck as well. Now mind you this was near midnight by now.
To top it off, the next morning around 7:30 or 8:00, 2 gentleman (one in a smaller truck and one again in a truck with a clamshell loader) appeared and cut and removed the rest of the trunk and raked and cleaned up whatever was left.
I was completely impressed with the promptness of the response, the effort that was put in to clean up the mess and the care each one of the employees gave to make sure that everything was taken care. They absolutely did a wonderful job and are to be commended. Unfortunately, I did not get the names of any of the individuals involved but I assume that your records will lead you to them. Please relay my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the hard work they did and for a job well done.
What could have been a real troublesome issue for me was resolved quickly by your employees. The only part of the tree that was left behind was the stump itself. I called today and talked to Chris in Public Works who professionally explained to me why the stump was left behind. He made the extra effort to come out and double check that it was indeed on private property and appropriately left behind. Again, I appreciate the effort he put in to make sure everything was properly done and the professionalism he exhibited in handling my call and explaining things to me.
I couldn’t be more pleased with the way City staff handled this issue from top to bottom and have already made arrangements to have the stump ground on Friday.
Thank for your time and please do let the employees know their hard work and professionalism are greatly appreciated!!!
Kevin Lewis
800 Del Prado Lane
Port Orange Florida

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