Bob Ford is Trying to Slow Down Frivolous Spending by City Staff


ford-voteTo: Jake Johansson ; David Harden
From:  Bob Ford
Re:  A nice thank you to the taxpayers from the golf course
This email is in response to your memo of August 5th recommending additional expenditures for the golf course utilizing monies not expended on authorized course improvements. You requested Council input.
It is my recommendation that we split the 80,000 dollars in savings, with $40,000 going for golf course facility repairs, and $40,000 returned to the general fund as carryover for next year, helping to reduce the proposed almost 7% increase in City taxes. This would be a nice thank you to the taxpayers from the golf course that have been so generous in supporting golf course renovations.

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One thought on “Bob Ford is Trying to Slow Down Frivolous Spending by City Staff

  • August 19, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    This is what really frosts my butt about government.
    IF this course was owned by a private entrepreneur, the owner would be on a ladder with a screwdriver replacing that $10 light fixture that is broken. He’d have the goof-ball behind the counter at the pro shop busy with some spackling and a paint brush in the bathroom next time rain shut down the course. And, call me a cynic, but I’ll bet you can find enough talent on the grounds crew of a golf course to do a little landscaping around the front entryway.
    BUT this course is not privately owned–it is only managed by a company that is in turn overseen by a department best suited to keeping kickballs inflated and lawnmowers clean. They’d have to rewrite someones job description just to put a paint brush in their hands and there is probably no one on the premises who has been checked out in the safe operation of a screwdriver.
    The end result is that we get to listen to Susan Lovallo at $132,000/year and Frank Flagg at $53,000/year (part-time) whine about how much money we the taxpayers need to cough up to keep the course in the manner to which it has become accustomed. “Whine less, sweat more” is what I’ve been told all my life and it’s good advice here.


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