"why the numbers in the proposed budget are what they are."



newtonThank you David,
Here are a few items I have from the CIP.
I do realize some of the items are in Utilities an enterprise fund not
from ad volrum but yet money being spent
A list of my items of interest to reduce 2016 budget pages in CIP
page of cip 7 -11 page in pdf
page 7 -11
Roof Replacement use a membrane or something less expensive than tar
and gravel reduce to 65K save 37,000
page 10 -14 reference all departments in later pages and detail pages
around page 200
vehicle replacements $1,785,500 not counting police or fire
Motor pool and down size expense of vehicles a 5% savings would be
$89,275 save 89,275
page 12 -16
Inventory assessment and condition of drainage system
This is budgeted at $384,000
Will this study be completed in FY16? if not spread it over 2
years save
page 21 -25
utility mapping
This cannot be a quote it does not go up or down in the next 6 years.
Reduce by 5% save 5,000
page 3 -7
sign replacement $22,000
nix this sign nobody can see anyhow, replace with an artwork like a tile
mural add a couple of lights
say cost of 10,000 save 12,000
Newton White

david_hardenOn 8/24/2015 1:46 PM, Harden, David wrote:
> I cannot respond to general statements about inflated expenses and understated revenues. I you can supply some specific examples we can comment on why the numbers in the proposed budget are what they are.


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> From: Newton White [mailto:NWhite0@cfl.rr.com]
> Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015 12:03 PM
> Subject: budget wisely
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> Imagine working on your household budget. You have sat down with your bank statements and bills from the last year, you have considered the next year or two. Will the car need replacing, or tires, repairs. Is the house in need of a roof, air conditioner making funny noises. Children going to college, want to buy them a car.
> Now you begin.
> Do you list your expenses at last years actual for utilities. You ate out a lot last year $100 a week worth. Two years left on the car, that won’t change. Wooah, Junior on the car insurance! The insurance company says it can’t insure the house unless we put a new roof on.
> So you start.
> Electric on budget billing cost us 125 last year global warming and all let’s put down 150
> Water council raised the rate 3% bill is up 10% (really) went from 50
> to 55 plan on 65
> cable TV we paid 149 but we might want the ultimate sports package 200
> Bug guy 35 a month going to 37 but we might have a locust attack 40
> Pool guys truck rusted out says he is raising rates paying 25 better plan on 40
> Yard guy charges 50 but bought faster equipment we better pay him more for less time 60
> Car insurance, new bill w/jr. 175 I like Allfarm Statewide, don’t bother
> to call Geico 200
> The roof, You like metal 30k, shingles 12k, don’t want to shop to hard
> 35000
> Now you add it all up subtract what you made last year and are shocked you are 8% short!
> So Bumstead you go into Mr. Dithers office and tell him you need a 10% raise and you show him why. Dithers is not impressed he says the company only increased revenue by 1.7% and has the same outlook for next year.
> He asks how he thinks we can increase payscales faster than inflation.
> But Dagwood persists without the 10% jr. will have to ride a bicycle at college, Blondie and I will have to live under a regular shingle roof.
> I hate picking on on of my favorite comic strip couple. This is what the city budget looks like costs are inflated beyond reason and revenue is demanded to more than cover it. Let us be realistic and look at prices and choices. In the example the electric is not going up that much or that fast, not so sure about our water council did say 3 it cost us 10, maybe you can’t afford ultimate but just get baseball, if we get hit by locust we will use our reserves, the pool guy should have budgeted for a new truck not our problem we will find a new one, Blondie will have to call the yard guy out on his hot rod mower and only pay 50 or we find a new one, 15 minutes can put jr on the insurance, and the roof shingles lasted they will do fine no metal.
> Do you see their are options the budget is inflated we really need Tom Brady working here he knows how to deflate things.
> Even the cities budget game only showed a 2% increase. Really folks we have carried a surplus as far back has anyone has looked. Just because we look good on the bar graphs as being low does not mean we are too cheap. It means we have higher property value, and have been wiser with our money. Their is always room to improve, new technology, new processes, some things get less expensive. Recently a picture of a 1980’s ad for a TRS80 computer setup for about 3 thousand dollars was posted, last weeks back to school ads showed several options for laptops under $500.
> Yes payroll has undergone a large upward correction, we need to up the spending in some areas, but this budget is over inflated with amounts that have been rounded way up, and revenue that is understated. Line items need to be trimmed or eliminated. Small pruning and real costing can make this budget fly even at rollback.
> Newton White
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