City Parking Prohibition Signs

Samples of some legal parking prohibition signs

In all areas of the country, traffic control signs that do not conform to the requirements of the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) do not hold any legal weight and are unenforceable.   Moreover, I am sure that the State of Florida like every other state has incorporated the MUTCD  into its state statues mandating that local jurisdictions must conform to the standards of the MUTCD.
The below parking prohibition sign posted under the Dunlawton bridge does not conform to any of the standards of the MUTCD for Parking Control signs.  In light of the fact that this type of complaint for the same location has appeared  previously in the city read files, it is apparent that motorist are being confused by the city’s non-conforming sign installation pratices.
I am sure that DPW can get free copies of the MUTCD from the Florida DOT to use for guidance in installing traffic signs.
In the other issue of these events, wherein city hall did not know about this parking regulation and/or fine.  The DPW should be required to codify all locations were they have installed any and all parking control signs or any other type traffic control regulation signs   It should be standard practice that the City Clerk have a complete codification of all traffic regulations officially promulgated in her files.  And that codification should include the underlying authority for each traffic regulation before police issues any citations.  That should include all traffic regulations posted at Malls and other private facilities prior to any police enforcement.
This type of standard practice would forestall a maintenance worker from getting creative and posting his own regulations, as was the recent case were a rogue maintenance worker installed “No U-Turn” signs at Dunlawton & Nova.

Monahan, Gerald
Apparently you did not open the picture I sent.

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No worries and thanks for the quick response!
I would like to suggest you update the ticket books and the signs to indicate there’s a city statute so people who don’t regularly park there know that there’s enforcement potential when they park in those spots…
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Mr. Holmes,
It is a $30 fine. Some of the tickets books still have the old printed fines. Sorry for any confusion.
Chief Monahan

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Can you tell me the answer to this question?
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Good morning – I have a question for you. Last Sunday, I parked my SUV (with a trailer) under the Dunlawton Bridge in the area marked “Reserved for Boats with Trailers”, as there were many open spots when we left on a friend’s boat at 9 am that morning. I also did this because the signs did not include references to city statutes indicating that it was a traffic offense to violate the parking policy.
When we returned from boating, I had a ticket on my car indicating that I’d committed a Parking Violation, but on the back of the ticket under the “Fine Schedule”, the officer scratched out the $15.00 fee under “Paid Within 10 Days” and wrote in $30.00. My wife called the Port Orange City Hall yesterday and spoke to the City Finance Department, and the woman that she spoke to indicated she wasn’t aware of any changes to the fees and said that we needed to speak to the officer (ID NO 4024), who wasn’t scheduled to return to work until Wednesday, August 26th.
As the fine is due within 10 days, the Finance Office wasn’t aware of any increased cost for Parking Violations, and I’m going to mail in my check today, I would like to know if there has been an increase from $15 to $30 for the parking tickets. Can you please tell me what the correct amount is?
Brian Holmes
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2 thoughts on “City Parking Prohibition Signs

  • August 26, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    I don’t know anything about the mutcd, why does this sign not conform to the standards? I always thought if there is a sign posted it was posted because the local PD requested it and approved it. How do I find why the signs posted are not correct? what is the specific rule in the mutcd that makes those signs not legit??

    • August 26, 2015 at 11:51 pm

      In reply to confused:
      The existing sign at Causeway Park is applicable and sufficient for municipal code enforcement.
      However, citations for motor vehicle violations of any type are controlled by Title XXIII of the Florida statues wherein the national standards of the MUTCD were adopted and mandated. The requirements of the federal MUTCD were codified into the statues of every state in the U.S. by 1977 to assure the uniform application and use of all traffic control devices throughout the country.
      As a case in point, prior to the MUTCD some states had yellow & black stop signs, while other states had red & white stop signs. Some locations had one way signs that were simply cut-out arrow shapes.. Some locations like New York City had traffic signals with only a green or red light displayed. Only New York motorist knew that both green & red lite together = yellow.
      The MUTCD clearly specifies the proper application and use, including the text; shapes; size’s ;colors; of all traffic signs and all other traffic control devices. And state laws prohibit  Port Orange from deviating from those standards.


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