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August 27, 2015National News, Port Orange City Council Edit
A commentary by Hank Springer
I watched the documentary “Katrina”, the recounting of the New Orleans national disgrace.
I remember watching the TV news during the week that stranded people were left dying on I 10. I remember being on the phone talking about the spectacle with a dear conservative friend who was still living up north on L.I. My argument was why couldn’t we have least dropped some water and jelly sandwiches to the people stranded on I 10 during those terribly hot days while help had not yet arrived. I remember my friend telling me that those people had been warned to leave the city before the hurricane hit and I surely suspected the lack of empathy for those poor people was because they were black.
Foremost in my mind, was that it all had been a disgrace to our nation not to have been able to respond to an emergency here in the USA, and I remember condemning Bush and Brown. I had been perplexed about the lack of response by the Governor of Louisiana. What I had not caught or recognized in the news media at the time, and only learned and recognize the fact tonight when I watched the documentary on HBO, was that no action came from the Federal Government, until the Mayor of New Orleans spoke in an angry tone saying he was pissed off with the Federal Government for leaving his people stranded in a devastated city for 4 days. And then even on the fifth day, Brown was telling us that FEMA did not realize how bad things were in New Orleans. Brown came up to the position of director of FEMA because he had been a lobbyist.
Now by way of the documentary, I know more about that national disgrace, and recognize that only a harsh, angry tone by the mayor of New Orleans got the federal government to move. Yes, I do think of our Ted Noftall here in Port Orange, and Trump in the national political race right now.
Katrina and the republican response to the plight of New Orleans had started my doubts about the Republican Party, of which I had been a member for many years before. Another big change for me was how the republicans were doing nothing about our illegal aliens. Compare the concern by the federal government for our own American citizens in New Orleans, to the compassionate concerns for our illegal aliens. Just compare! It is disgraceful and a lot of these established politicians need a fork shoved up their asses.
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  • August 30, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    When I remember Katrina, I only seem to think of all the theft and violence and sexual assaults that happened in the horribly corrupt city of New Orleans. The mayor of that city stated that he wanted a Chocolate city to return and I am upset at that statement, he should of said something else, the city was warned, the state was warned but people want to blame Bush. Please explain to me why the local city and state government are not to blame but the federal government is. It seems so easy to blame a political party for the response problems but I think most of the blame belongs with the city, the county, and the state government first.


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