Dunlawton Drainage Project Billing & Oversight Forensic Investigation Report

Mayor, Vice Mayor, Councilmembers-
Attached is the final report from Bolerjack, Halsema, Bowling and White PA on the Dunlawton Avenue Drainage Improvement project.  They completed the investigation on August 14th and I have taken additional time to become familiar with the genesis of the investigation before forwarding.
In gaining insight into the investigation the staff has told me that they have tightened the procedures for notifying City Council on change orders to better inform you all of what changes are being made to contracts.  The investigation does not indicate any fatal flaws in the way we bill, report or obtain grant money but we will endeavor to ensure we have the necessary internal controls in place to ensure we remain within the guidance for grant spending.
We will provide copies of the Addendums upon request since they are lengthy documents.
Respectfully, Jake

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