The Port Orange City Manager's Email's Are Back

They’re Ba-ack …...
City Manager’s Email ____They-reBack

To All: …..
In an effort to try to keep Port Orange government transparent for the common folk’s, as opposed to the local ruling class & elites, several concerned citizens are collaborating to bring back the listing of the City Manager’s emails on a daily basis.
Notwithstanding what the new City Manager recently said, these emails and everything else in city hall belong to the people and not exclusively to the city manager or anybody else at city hall.
Prior to the new City Manager shutting down transparency of city operations, both (all) sides of the local political discourse found the daily email read files helpful in following the pulse of port orange city government.     Henceforth, we will do our best to provide a daily update of this email activity to assure common folks can keep track of what their local government is doing at any given time. The GOOD; the Bad; and the Ugly

The City Manager’s email archives will have it’s own page at : … click on link near top of page.   Below, see sample of linked display bar near top of our Blog page.

Enjoy …


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