Where are the Welcome to City of Port Orange signs ?

Mr Johansson
In 2013  Newton White wrote the below email to a previous city manager about the lack of  Gateway “Welcome to”  signs in Port Orange.  
We understand city staff may have been working on a gateway sign project continuously since that email was sent.  Hows that going?
We know government moves slowly, you decide if this project is moving extra slowly.


Mr. Kisela,
In my recent travels I was looking for our city limit signs. I did look
at the map after I got home and even went back to look on Ridgewood US1
at the south city limit there is no Port Orange city limit sign. There
are Harbor Oaks signs but they were annexed years ago. I went a little
further and to my surprise a huge welcome to New Smyrna city sign.
Connecting the dots between no city limit signs, and no landscape
maintenance on the state roads in our city. What is the issue?
I know the question has been asked but, but please have in the answer
who is responsible for:
-the work being done in a timely manner
-city limit signs
-what the hold up is on properly repairing replacing the traffic signal
at Yorktown and west on Dunlawton.
Thank You
Newton White
Attached NSB sign picture

city limits
At least thank’s to the State we have some small “Port Orange City Limit” signs


Some of our neighboring towns gateway signs

dayton beach 1008
Even in New Jersey

new smyrna beach
holly hill2
daytona beach nightormond-beach-welcome-signdayton beach I-95
holly Hilldayton beach shores

Why are there no   “Welcome To City of Port Orange”  signs on all the major roadways entering our city?
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  • October 21, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    Need to hire a consultant and do a feasibility study first, then have a workshop meeting.


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