Is Port Orange City Hall Really a Candy Store For Developers & Consultants?



——  comment by hank follows:—-
hank4Hank Springer too had some questions and doubts about this expensive 4 hour class in leadership.  It seems to me that the candy store is still open in city hall for various number of people to come up to the counter and ask for sugar coated gifts. When will the city council members start clamping down on expensive goodies delivered to practically all who come looking for tax payers’ money?
This is an expesnive 4 hour class which purports to teach leadership?  Give us a break!  How stupid and gullible does the city council think we are?  When will it ever stop?  Never,  says Hank because our governmental institutions are not administered by leaders, and our politicians who we elect are gutless and once they get into the city council seat, start playing a different game.  The game is, I scratch your back, and in some time in the future I expect you to scratch my back.
But dare not the citizens get a little itchy, because  they are treated as a necessary evil, and if they can’t learn to shut up, are called bullies.  I have no idea what the answer is to our national and local problem.  It does not seem like rhetoric has any effect any more.
You twenty people who go to the $28,000 four hr. class on leadership, be it known that some of us resent you going there on our tax dollars.  In fact, let’s get the names of the twenty who go to this four hour class which our elected leaders feel we citizens want to send them to.  If we suggest , we are considered to be demanding, if we are persistent we are considered bullies, so what the hell, let’s start bullying.
Ted, you go right back there every week and bully the hell out of them, although I don’t see it as bullying.  And Mike, you are so reasonable and polite, and just look at where it is getting you.  They ignored you at the city council meeting.
City Hall is bullying us and at the same time asking us to be respectful and polite. I know exactly what the opposition will be to Ted Noftall.  It is called kill the messenger in whatever way you can.  I expect this will be the case in the next local political election and Mark Bernier and his establishment friends will blame it all on those “crazies” in Port Orange.  I don’t see it that way.  If I did, I would say so.
Come out of the closet you low profile special interests.  Speak up with your names as authors of opinions and tell me where I am wrong.  I saw about a dozen of you one night at a city council meeting when you came forward to ask the city council to silence Ted and his activists.  It is rare when we see you in public, and not secretly networking at social get togethers in the chamber of commerce or Hooligans.
Mike, Ted, keep speaking up for the average citizen.  If the average citizen can not be educated to learn what is going on in Port Orange, so be it, and they can suffer the consequences,like  not earning a special pass to the  city golf course like some Cypress Head residents have.
And by the way, city of Port Orange, we have a club house in summer Trees, built by that guy Russel, you know the one who owns the property where the city built a dock.  you know the dock to nowhere?  Where is the bathroom in my club house? When is the city going to give us a candy bar from its free counter and build us a bathroom in our clubhouse which is in a community of age 55 and older.  Sure, Cypress Head gets candy store money to maintain its real estate values, and those not in the “our family group” in port orange gets butkiss.
There will be big condos on U.S. 1 before Summer Trees raises money to build a bathroom in its little shack of a clubhouse.  I like Summer Trees, I knew I could afford Summer Trees, that’s why I did not move into the Fly In or Cypress Head.
But I didn’t understand that local financial interests would make me kind of resentful and dubious about who gets the special considerations here in Port Orange.  Consider me one of the “crazies”, I am getting very resentful, not envious, because I do not live beyond my means, do not expect the city to jump loops to keep up my real estate value, and know that no one will ever build us a bathroom in our little shack of a club house in Summer Trees.  I invite Mr.Russel to come back, build us a bathroom, and make amends for how he shorted these people who do not live in Cypress head.  To the community called the sanctuary, you are so correct not to let anyone through your property to get to the dock to nowhere.  once you do that, the city will build a park on  your property.  They do and can think ahead. In all their projects with our money, they know what the ultimate vision is for the final project. Phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and all that nonsense, and when the project is finally finished, it does not look anything like a riverwalk park, but more like a city project, and Spurce Creek is no longer serene.
And listen up folks.  There is now a non  profit group advancing efforts to spruce up Spuce Creek.  You know what not for profit groups are?  They are the advanced marine corps for business special interests.  What do I predict for Spruce Creek?  Alive, boating, marinas, noisey Spruce Creek with a condo built somewhere overlooking this beautiful creek, not tatoo parlors, but I can imagine a nudist colony somewhere near Mayor Green’s retirement home on the creek.
The vision for Spruce Creek.  The kayak and boating marina in LaCour’s riverwalk park, the dock to no where with probably a creekside restaurant, Cracker Creek business expansion, and more anonymous donors for the Gamble Place. And what else?  Someone knows I suspect. Can anyone believe all this attention to Spruce Creek simply for the 12 cars with its kayaks parked in the drainage property for the City of Port Orange in Bonks Landing. Meanwhile, families who want to go boating out of the city parking field at the causeway dock get tickets for parking on the grass when on nice weekends there are no more parking spaces in the parking field. A word to the wise to the boaters.  Get a special pass to go golfing in Cypress Head City Of Port Orange Golf Course.
LOL –  can you tell I am getting mad. I don’t even have a pitch fork.

Mike Gardner to city manager of Port Orange;
Dear Manager Johansson,
At last night’s Council meeting I raised a couple questions regarding the “leadership training” item that were left unanswered after the 5-0 vote to approve the item.  I did not raise the questions in a frivolous manner nor do I consider them a waste of time.  By the same token, I freely admit I can be reading the information wrong and drawing erroneous conclusions from it.
Please take a couple minutes to set the record straight about these points of confusion:

  1. The request appears to be for $28,824.00 ($22,716.00 for mid-level supervisor training and $6108.00 for Department Head consultation).  The Agenda Item commentary seems to imply that the City can get grant funding to cover $20,000.00.  However, the actual grant application shows Instructor Wages totaling $42,716.00 ($22,716.00 from the City and $20,000.00 from the grant)–see the first page of the attachment.
  2. The Agenda Item commentary as well as statements from Mr Neff at the meeting indicate that the training is to be given to mid-level supervisors and foremen in the Utility Department.  However, the actual grant application specifies that the employees must not be “earning a self-sufficient wage” in order to qualify for funding–see the second page of the attachment.

Can you clarify these seeming discrepancies?
Mike Gardner
618 Ruth St
Port Orange, FL  3212

12 thoughts on “Is Port Orange City Hall Really a Candy Store For Developers & Consultants?

  • October 23, 2015 at 11:18 am

    I am not saying that $48,000 isn’t a lot of money but it is not 1 4hour class. It is on going.

    • October 23, 2015 at 12:57 pm

      onlooker2, Sounds like you may have inside information on how many hours the consultant will be conducting class. Can you share it with us?

    • October 24, 2015 at 5:35 pm

      It is once a month for 18 months times four hours or 72 hours of training for about a dozen reluctant participants that work for Public Utilities, an organization that trains people that migrate to other organizations that provide their employees with competitive pay and salary progression. So basically the taxpayer will be paying Joe Courey, the organizational specialist, company owner, and officer of the Chamber of Commerce about $600 an hour to indoctrinate 12 young employees into the current I,C.M.A, Florida League of Cities, Chamber of Commerce party line utilizing a technique of mind control referred to as coercive persuasion. Joe Courey also utilizes a number of Judeo Christian analogies that he twists and perverts in a manner that supports his indoctrination but is so far from what these sacred teachings truly reveal in order to amplify his coercively persuasive conditioning in a manner that is comfortable to his own conflicting and hypocritical world view. This is very similar to the administrative management indoctrination that David Harden perpetrated during his short interim debacle he recently finished. This whole situation is one of the most blatant practical jokes that has ever been played out on POG TV on the taxpayers of the City of Port Orange. The taxpayer can thank David Harden and Mr. Neff for this not so subtle manipulation play.

  • October 23, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    If the council did not have their heads so far up their ass they would realize someone at city hall may be pushing all these no-bid consultant services because they are conducive for opportunities in getting kickbacks and campaign contributions. wink wink.

    • October 23, 2015 at 1:24 pm

      This was not a no bid. This went before counsel.

  • October 23, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    Unbelievable. Why should mid level managers have to go through this training???? Most of them have worked for the city for years and years, they know the score, they know the rules but what they also know is that history will show that none of them have been promoted from within. It’s the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Port Orange does not have a policy of training their employees to move up the ranks. They consistently hire from outside undermining employee morale.

  • October 23, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    Lets end the old Allen Green perpetuated special interest regime in 2016! No more coercive persuasion leadership training. No more special interest politics. No more I.C.M.A. certified managers. No more leadership training from an organizational specialist that is also a member of the Chamber of Conference. Vote for Ted Noftall in 2016 and stop the Green legacy continuing thru a hand picked predecessor.

    • October 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm

      I meant Chamber of Commerce.

  • October 23, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    Hank you don’t know the half of it. If you were a fly on the wall or a long term city employee that has survived this environment and has the intellectual capacity to understand how deep it goes you would be sick. Oh, I forgot, you are an armchair general that has no respect for anonymous posters that are on the front line. Show some respect for anonymous posters because they will be the ones that flush this turd pool out. Hopefully if Ted Noftall gets elected as mayor many of these anonymous P.O.E.’s will be able to reveal themselves and help Ted truly clean up the city center cesspool .Lets have some mutual respect because we want the same thing which is open and transparent governance, equanimity & recognition of honest value, and an end to the special interest culture that permeates the City of Port Orange politic and administration at city hall.

    • October 24, 2015 at 3:03 pm

      P.O.E. it sounds like you have been around for a long time and have survived in spite of not being thought of as one of the mayor’s team players. It seems like there are a lot of highly competent employees from the old guard that are approaching the end of their respective civil service careers that the mayor and his hoards would like to send packing, and would it if was not for their impeccable service to the taxpayers and personnel records over the years. This would certainly be convenient for the present city politic by removing any remaining witnesses that might act as a protagonistic force against the current administration’s attempt to shut down open and transparent governance and its perpetuation of the entrenched special interest political/administrative culture. These individuals have served as the anonymous supply of much of the core information that has been hidden from the taxpayers and that city activists have been the recipients of in order that they may openly champion the cause of open and transparent governance.
      Hopefully the city activists and Ted Noftall will be able to identify and partner with the old guard and utilize their institutional knowledge and inside information of the destructive culture that still exists and is actively rebirthing itself in order to ensure its own continuity so that the activists in the future will be able to supplant this culture. As a number of the old guard retires maybe some of them will become involved with the activists in changing an obviously corrupt system and will do so more effectively after they are in a position to shed their cloak of anonymity. Then we can partner to develop a new culture where there is a beneficial commonality for the taxpayers, fair business practices for all local businesses as opposed to the Chamber of Commerce special interest players, equanimity & recognition of value in the workforce infrastructure, and compassionate & ethical dealing will all people with a true respect for the rule of law and an elimination of favoritism and special interest for all the existing mayor’s team players in city government and city hall.
      Lets all find common ground and establish a truly progressive new political and administrative paradigm in Port Orange in 2016. I would like to see the real constituency of Port Orange, the city workforce, and Ted Noftall find this common ground and identify this new paradigm in 2016 and once and for all eradicate this metastasizing diseased special interest paradigm, flush out the nucleus of it and all the fully committed team players and establish an organization that is truly for the people. If that commonality is identified soon, I would fully support Ted Noftall for mayor in 2016 and believe that an overwhelming support would emerge. We need to start now by starting dialogue with the workforce, the activists, and Mr. Noftall to identify this new paradigm and the true commonality of all its supporters and start making it happen now.

  • October 24, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Anonymous posters on this site have revealed many deep dark secrets that have lead to a better Port Orange. They posted FACTS. Sure there are opinions and they come from posters that reveal themselves as well. All blogs are opinionated. That’s what makes them a blog. Police departments utilize crime line and anonymous tip lines. That’s so if you turn in your neighbor the ax murderer his affiliates won’t retaliate and ax murder you. Hank take off your blinders and ask some of the activists that you are a great fan of if the anonymous bloggers have indeed helped them in their fight for proper governance and transparency. I respect your opinion because it is rightfully yours. Just thought I would toss this out there for educational purposes.

  • October 26, 2015 at 7:29 am

    It doesn’t appear to be for $42,000+ dollars. If you look at it the training is for $28,000+ dollars, if the city gets the grant, it will offset the cost of the training by $20,000.00. Total direct cost will be around $6,000.00.


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