Should Port Orange Continue To Sit On The Sidelines On Technology?

Should we start a petition to get Port Orange officials off their ass? 

Like:  Orlando petition

The Fiber team announced the exploration of 3 new locations: OklahomaCity, Jacksonville and Tampa:

We’re inviting Oklahoma City, OK, Jacksonville, FL and Tampa, FL, to explore bringing Google Fiber to their communities, as we did last month with three other cities. These growing tech-hubs have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to small business growth. Their list of accolades is long—from Jacksonville’s title as a top 10 city for tech jobs, to Tampa Bay’s #2 spot on the list of best cities for young entrepreneurs, to Oklahoma City’s recognition as the #1 city to launch a business. One of our goals is to make sure speed isn’t an accidental ceiling for how people and businesses use the Web, and these cities are the perfect places to show what’s possible with gigabit Internet.

“Explore” means that the cities themselves will work with Google to see if they can meet the demands of what installation requires. It’s not like Google strolls in and flips a switch, it’s quite a process. I learned about it while visiting Kansas and Kansas City and both towns had to fill out a huge form with crazy questions about how they could possibly support Google in the endeavour. It worked out for them (other than last night).
The invitation is a good indication of potential acceptance since Google clearly does their homework before publicly inviting these cities into the club. The team says “the more we learn about a city, the smoother our construction efforts will be.” Once it collects the information, Google Fiber makes a decision whether to move forward.

If Port Orange wants in, there’s an actual checklist for cities interested , which Jake can view here.



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Jacksonville now on the list for Google Fiber
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Tampa is also on the list
Tampa to get Google Fiber


2 thoughts on “Should Port Orange Continue To Sit On The Sidelines On Technology?

  • November 9, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    I think Port Orange City Hall has some kind of mysterious friendship with Bright House. It had been Ken Parker’s understanding that POG TV would always be on basic cable, but somehow that changed. Bright House seems to be a big doner to city functions, like Port Orange Family Days. Robin Lasky who use to be on the board of Family Days I think is now working for Bright House. Maybe we should ask Ms Lasky if the city of Port Orange would be allowed to abandon bright house. Where I am wrong, please spend the time correcting me. thanks – hank

    • November 9, 2015 at 5:22 pm

      I would like to take this opportunity to praise Robin Lasky for her work when taking over the financial books of Port Orange Family Days, or was it called then Port Orange Historical Trust. As I understand it, Lasky and an administrator from the Port Orange YMCA found discrepencies in the financial books of the Port Orange Historical Trust. They turned the discrepency evidence over to law enfrocement and I believe the former president of PO Historical Trust was indicted and the vice president of the Trust resigned from the organization. I believe it was the Historical Trust which managed to build the LakeSide Pavilion structure where it now stands. At the time of the grand opening the large room was named after the founder of Port Orange Family Days who has vicepresident when financial problems were discovered, retired or resigned. I wonder if that ball room, or large conference room is still called the A.B. banquet Hall? Any one know?
      I remember Mayor Green at a city council meeting commending the Trust president for coming up with the finances to build the LakeSide Pavilion and he mentioned that perhaps the Trust could help out with the problems of the Gamble Place. An anonymous donor came up with money to maintain the Gamble Place. Any one have ideas on who that anonymous donor was? or is?


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