There are 31 City of Port Orange Job Vacancies City-wide?

The current City Managers Weekly Summary reports:
“There are 31 vacancies city-wide at various stages in recruitment and hiring cycle ….”
But at the time of this posting,  the city’s web site listed only six(6) city-wide job vacancies (see below link) 
Does anyone out there have the list of the other 25 vacancies ?   Let us know.
City Web Site Vacant Job Listings


3 thoughts on “There are 31 City of Port Orange Job Vacancies City-wide?

  • November 14, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    The city has probably only listed 6 positions because as past practice has gone the city manager and his senior management team usually reserve the right to circumvent civil service policy in hiring practices and summon one of their preferred cronies in whether fully qualified or not and start them out at whatever salary they choose even if it is as high as top out pay.
    To hell with internal candidates! To hell with civil service rules! To hell with fairness and impartiality. Having no one to be accountable to they believe it is their prerogative to do anything they choose, even unconscionable violations of civil service rules and administrative policies that were designed to ensure that there is some measure of integrity and rule of law in a municipal organization. The sad thing is that they are not only going unmonitored in this, but our elected officials are complicit by standing by and supplying their assent with a wink and a nod. That is why the city of Port Orange as an organization is in the shitter and unless we get new political and administrative leadership soon it will be ready to be flushed down the potty bowl.

    • November 14, 2015 at 8:14 pm

      I noticed in Ted Noftall’s campaign brochure where it lists what he opposes it says (“Program budgeting that encourages mission creep and dynasty building. Lack of clearly defined responsibility and accountability for all employees) It appears the problem with clearly defined responsibility and accountability of employees lies with the city manager and upper management. Hopefully if Ted Noftall is elected he will break up this dynasty and finally clean up the cesspool better known as 1000 City Center Circle once and for all.. Down with the I.C.M.A. special interest management syndicate.

  • November 15, 2015 at 3:19 pm

    You hit the nail on the head P.O.E. and it is well known that David Harden vetted a number of key administrative positions by circumventing the civil service process to the detriment of the organizations integrity. If council just sat back and permitted this then they are complicit themselves and are guilty of destroying the integrity of the city of Port Orange as an organization. The very fabric of the organization should be based upon civil service rules and administrative policy. I would bet my bottom dollar that most of the council people who represent the citizenry are oblivious to the civil service rules. If a front line supervisor vetted new hires for his crew like Harden and now Jake Johanssen vet administrative personnel with utter disregard to the civil service process we would have supervisors hiring their friends, relatives, and drinking buddies before qualified internal candidates. Oh wait, isn’t that just what an ex director did in hiring a drinking buddy from the “Last Resort” and the “Hidden Treasures” for his assistant director without proper civil service vetting and opportunities being offered to qualified internal candidates. I think that director was fired for dereliction of duty several years ago and his assistant just got his salary bumped up about $11,000 annually while the city ran out of budgeted money and could not even pay their long term stakeholders the 3% cost of living raise that every one else received. Nothing has changed since then in Port Orange city administration, it is only becoming worse.


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