Can Comments From City Staff Save Our Public Funds?

Sewer system Infiltration



Below is part of a comment from what appears to be from a current Utilities Department employee.  If city staff already knows where a good portion of our sewer infiltration is coming from, why not fix those problems now and forego spending $millions on studies?  Why spend $millions on consultants that will simply obtain that knowledge from our city staff and put it into a report and walk away whistling with our money?
Apparently if we lock/seal the caps and/or install clapper valves in the clean-out portals we may solve half our infiltration problems.   If we do not have the wherewithal or fortitude to do that today, we are not going to do it in the future, after we spend $millions on consultants studies.
From Blog comments

“…. Bob Ford asked Director Neff what the overall infiltration average was.  Uhm don’t know. Good comprehensive report huh? But Seabird Island a private park was 48%. WTF kind of answer is that. He didn’t have a clue.
The private parks control their flooding by removing their clean out caps. We all know that. A practice for decades. And now we are ready to spend big bucks for more useless studies….”


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