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ted0to Jake
Thank you Manager Johansson,
I truly appreciate the information you have shared in this e-mail, because to echo Councilman Ford – stifling information leads to mistrust and paranoia faster than anything else.
I do not support your meeting in secret with individual council members for two simple reasons which you are welcome to dis-sway me on if you want to give it a shot.
1) Sunshine law in Florida promises the people that they will get to both *see elected representatives and their appointees vote on issues AND *see the basis on which their votes are made. The minute council members start meeting in secret on matters that are before them, then how are the people to know on what basis their votes are cast ?
2) These secret meetings are always depicted as innocent informational sessions, And if that is the case, then what exactly is being said in secret that cannot be said in public ??
I am disappointed you have chosen to ape the ICMA masters of these practices that abound throughout Volusia county. This was exactly why I favored a non ICMA manager from the private sector to serve in your current position. You do not have a private sector background and you are increasingly looking to ICMA mantra for your guidance.
That being the case I am not sure where exactly you are going to turn if things start going south because I doubt if council is ever again going to accept the ICMA bull crap they did for as long as they did from previous managers.
Again thanks for the information
Ted Noftall

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Mr. Noftall,
I just wanted to ensure you had this attachment based on our recent conversation. I have highlighted some points and provided one comment. It sounded like you already had it but I wanted to ensure you and I are on the same page.
As a side note, I do meet or talk with every councilmember and ask them if they read through the agenda and whether they have any questions or concerns. This allows me to have some situational awareness on the tough spots and can also provide them with some additional background at the meeting should they want it prior to going to vote. I have been meeting or chatting with them individually for since October. Also, I do not share what one has said to me to any of the others to remain in accordance with the sunshine policy.
Looking back at my notes I did not see anything on this topic raised in our meetings, they were all in the office that week so they would have spoken to me face to face.
Best, Jake


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