Brighthouse Cable Customers Heads-up!

[ediors note] The increased internet speeds have already been recently activated in Port Orange. However, most cable customers will have to reboot their cable modem for the new speed to take effect.


Faster Internet Speeds Coming – Bright House Networks Customers

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We’re pleased to announce that beginning in early December, customers will see increased Internet speeds on all Lightning service packages: Lightning 35 Mbps x 2 Mbps will move to 50 Mbps x 5 Mbps; Lightning 75 Mbps x 5 Mbps will increase to 100 Mbps x10 Mbps; Lightning 150 Mbps x 10 Mbps will move to 200 Mbps x 15 Mbps, and Lightning 300 Mbps x 15 Mbps will increase its upload speed to up to 20 Mbps. The speed boosts come at no additional charge to existing customers who already subscribe to these packages.

Bright House Networks will also launch its Lightning 300 service in additional service areas, and introduce a new HSD package to customers, offering speeds of 25 Mbps x 3 Mbps beginning January 2016.The increases will be by region and as we get close to your regions activation of the new speeds I’ll do what we have done in the past to get you started the minute they go live.

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