The Daytona Beach "Snooze-Journal" Falls Asleep Again

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The Daytona Beach News-Journal did a good job of hiding Ted Noftall’s actions on behalf of a Port Orange citizen while at the same time painting the City Manager, Jake Johansson, as a good Samaritan.  See  for the story.  In actuality, Jake “the Snake” Johansson only moved off the dime after he was prodded into action by Ted.

Mike Gardner wrote the following letter to the Snooze-Journal writer and her editor after the story was published but has received no response.  Seems their commitment to the whole truth is less than stellar.  Oh well–Ted says he will continue his efforts to help Ms Jones and other citizens like her who find themselves on the receiving end of burdensome and callous City policies.

Dear Ms Harrison,
Your article, while factually correct, is totally inaccurate.
Monica Jones did receive a $3,000+ water bill, appear before City Council requesting help, and eventually sign a contract with the City to make 60 payments of $50.59 to clear her debt.  Manager Jake Johansson is looking into other options to help people in situations similar to Ms Jones’.  The impression given by the article that these events are directly related is, however, false.
Manager Johansson is not, out of the goodness of his heart or a desire to help the citizens of Port Orange, looking into other options for people like Ms Jones.  He is doing so because Ted Noftall, citizen activist and candidate for Mayor in 2016, championed her cause in a presentation before City Council on December 1st of this year.  Before that presentation, Mr Johansson was perfectly content to have Ms Jones make her 60 payments of $50.59.  Since you, Ms Harrison, attend the Port Orange City Council meetings and must have heard Mr Noftall’s presentation, my question to you is:  why did you not include it in your newspaper article?
I am requesting that you and Mr Rice review his presentation at (starting at 01:08:10) and revise your article to include it.
Half-truths may be partly factual or totally factual, but they are still half-truths.
Mike Gardner
618 Ruth St
Port Orange, FL  32127

Ted’s presentation on behalf of Ms Jones can be viewed below:

One thought on “The Daytona Beach "Snooze-Journal" Falls Asleep Again

  • December 14, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    Same ol story been going on for years. Years ago the news journal didnt even used to admit that anyone got shark bit in volusia county. Always printing the party line to keep the cities looking good.


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