State Attorney Reports "No Crime" in Former City Managers Credit Card Investigation

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Glass Houses and Stones- The Can of Worms that Kisela Opened


     It started on the 21st, with a letter tossed haphazardly on the dais before me by City Manager Greg Kisela on his way out. The letter, dated the day before, was delivered following a particularly contentious Special Council meeting in which I pointed out multiple problems with the Chapter 1 FLUE and gave a “nay” vote to approving it- contrary to the city manager’s wishes.

     What followed shouldn’t surprise anyone who works or has worked for the city.  The practice of reimbursement for charges for non-city related business items is standard practice.  It was soon released that Kisela had purchased baseball tickets on his card.  Further investigation noted Mayor Ponder reimbursed for meals while on business. Former council members have acknowledged the practice has existed for years.

     The State’s Attorney has now begun an investigation into all city cards.  EXCELLENT!!!!  I have stated all along that I have done nothing wrong and have followed procedure.

     The final question to ask yourself is why.  Why would Kisela throw this stone?  I will let you ponder the reasons.



One thought on “State Attorney Reports "No Crime" in Former City Managers Credit Card Investigation

  • January 7, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Much ado about NOTHING !
    Pick your battles better.


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