What’s Going On Here?

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Someone on this site has suggested that Manager Johansson’s “Port Orange Pride” campaign should more appropriately be called “Port Orange Hide.” His love of secrecy and of non-answer answers says more about hidden agendas than pride in accomplishments. If he is proud of what he’s doing then why not welcome openness and transparency?
On January 15th of this year someone asked Mr Johansson for some simple information:
“I think we are approaching the end of the 24-month interim amendment to the Riverboat/Restaurant MDA. The project timeline shows January, 2016 as the month for approval of construction plans for the subdivision and for approval of a building permit for the restaurant. I also recall that 18 months into the agreement an extra five feet of right-of-way either side of Halifax Drive was to be dedicated to the City. Any updates? Also, where does this leave the status of the current dirt parking lot at the Riverboat and Marina?”
His non-answer was:
“I meet with Mr. LaCour on the 20th of this month and will provide an update after our meeting.”
Of course no updates were forthcoming; and, now we are presented with yet another agreement between the City and Buddy LaCour where the City gives Buddy everything he wants and begs him to please, please do something you said you would. The deal is done and all that remains is for Council to make the right noises from the dais and give it their seal of approval. Their seal of approval and the taxpayers dollars, that is. We don’t even need a meeting–just replay the last one we had two years ago and save some time. Buddy says “jump” and Council starts hopping.
Ten days ago Ted Noftall asked Mr Johansson for some simple information:
“Would you take a few minutes and provide an overview as to the mold / air quality testing going on at the Public Works facility on Virginia Ave.”
His non-answer was:
“I believe you have received the Air quality assessment as part of your Public Information Request that answers your questions.”
Gotta wonder what’s going on here. I suppose we’ll find out when it comes before Council for their rubber stamp, gloss of legality, seal of approval. In the meantime–Port Orange Hide, Hide, Hide………………

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