Convoluted Mistakes From The Past on Dunlawton Ave. Still Prevails Today


S/B I-95 Off-Ramp @ Dunlawton Ave.?

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to:  Les Orn
cc:  Harden, David ; CityCouncil

Hi Les
I feel your frustrations from here.
In regards to your observations about the convoluted Dunlawton Ave roadway system in the vicinity of I-95, below find a copy of an email dated November, 2012 sent to Ken Parker a former Port Orange City Manager.
As of this date, I have not received a reply from City Hall.   Perhaps he assigned a city staffer to investigate the issue and they are still investigating.  Or maybe he just threw the email in the basket.
However, in all fairness to Parker, he was facing several internal unstable situations in city hall at that time.
Pat N.


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Patrick Nelan <>  Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 3:31 PM
Ken Parker
I am not sure if this is a City; County or State problem or perhaps all three.

It as been more than 20 years since the reconstruction of Dunlawton Ave roadway improvements bifurcated Taylor Road in the vicinity of I-95.    Today, some residue problems still remain from that improvement project..

On any given day, there are a lot of people in this country driving & walking around totally confused that unfortunately we can’t help,  but our City should not be adding to that problem.  When traffic signs confuse motorist you will definitely add to the accident experiences in that area.

On the Southbound Off-ramp of I-95 at Dunlawton?/Taylor?, there are signs on the Traffic Signal arms directing all Taylor Rd. traffic to turn west, and all Dunlawton traffic to turn east. These type signs have been at that intersection for at least 17 years, when I first used that Off-ramp (in 1996 a single lane ramp with a stop sign )
    Native motorist are fully oblivious to these signs, with the full knowledge that there is also another section of Taylor Rd to the east.   However, transient motorist become confused by these directional signs and the fact that Taylor Rd. has been bifurcated.   In an effort to confuse transient motorist even further, our politicians named the 1st 100 feet of the easterly section of Taylor Rd. as  “Taylor Branch Road”   Resulting, in large Street Name signs  at the intersection of Dunlawton that reads: “Taylor Branch Road‘  instead of Taylor Rd
 I have had several different GPS devices over the years, and they all became confused on what road I was on, while I was driving on Dunlawton in the vicinity of I-95    If you are confusing GPS devices you can bet your are confusing visitors to our city.  I am not sure how many local residents even know were Dunlawton actually ends and westerly Taylor Rd. begins.
Possible Solutions
The council should rename the easterly section of Taylor Rd as  “East Taylor Road”  (i.e   E. Taylor Rd.  or  Taylor Rd. E. )  and drop the “Branch” nonsense.  And/or rename the westerly section as “West Taylor Road” or  “Taylor Road W.”
In view of the fact the westerly section of Taylor is contiguous with Dunlawton,  a more sensible solution would be for the council in collaboration with the county, to re-designated that section of Taylor as a continuation of Dunlawton Ave. for its entire length,(or at least to the city limits),  leaving the easterly section as ” Taylor Road” .    
That would give all those stores/businesses west of I-95  a Dunlawton Ave address, like the rest of our main shopping/ business corridor.
Pat Nelan

From: Les Orn []
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 7:38 AM
To: Kennedy, Jackie
Subject: RE: Dunlawton Avenue CFLRoads: Question About Project 427279-1
Dear Ms. Kennedy:
Your reply is typical governmental bureaucratic BULL!!!
You have cc’d ten people! Just give me the name of the one person who needs to make Dunlawton work, if that person exists. That’s all I need.
OK, I’ll try to calm down and see if I can rationally understand what is happening. It is hard; because it seems to me that there is almost a callus concern for the affects your decisions have on the residents of Port Orange.
If there were shortages of material, why on earth did they start the project?
As for the traffic signals they need to look at the traffic and not at the traffic detectors. Perhaps then they would see that there is a traffic problem on Dunlawton! That problem is exacerbated by the lack of synchronization of the signals. It makes no sense for traffic flow from arterial streets such as Village Trail/North Swallow Tail Dr., and City Center Pkwy/Victoria Gardens Blvd. to have signals remain green far beyond the traffic flow from those streets.
What detectors did your department use when they came up with the Yorktown Blvd by-pass behind BJ’s? Another disaster and cause for traffic issues on Dunlawton Avenue.
While I am at it, why do the two arterial streets I mentioned earlier have different names on the north versus south side of Dunlawton? Why does Dunlawton turn into Taylor Rd west of I-95. Why did we need a Taylor Branch Rd.? What a mess.
As for the Port Orange city officials who I have copied on this email, perhaps some signage explaining the delays might be in order. We have the electronic sign leading into City Center Pkwy (by Home Depot) and I know we have a portable digital road sign that we use to announce events etc. At the very least, our city web site should have a update on the paving issues on Dunlawton Ave.
More frustrated than ever,
Les Ornstin

Dear Councilman Stiltner:
Dwight (didn’t get last name) of FDOT called me yesterday after receiving my email to Jackie Kennedy (below). He said he is hopeful that the project will be going back on track next week. They apparently had to go to Tallahassee and get approval to use a different mixture of the asphalt product. At first Tallahassee said no but after hearing all the problems and complaints, it looks like they may reconsider. In any case P&S Paving is going to give our road priority and will be diverting all material needed to make certain it gets done, definitely before the mid-June, July date that Ms. Kennedy quoted in her email.
As for the traffic, because the traffic sensors are temporary do to the repaving, they are not very accurate and are causing the problem. That should also be resolved in a few weeks when the paving issue gets resolved.
As for road names etc., that was not Dwight’s field of expertise. Would you know how the street names came to be?
Thank you
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  1. Hey my brother just reminded me that it was mayor Green only a councilman at that time that came up with the dumb idea to name that small section of Taylor road as Taylor Branch road
    Yes – he also did stupid things back in his younger days

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