Is Another Taxpayer Swindle being Cooked Up Behind Closed Doors?

Good morning  Mayor Green,
On several occasions during Tuesday’s  Council meeting you offered to answer any questions submitted to you.
I will take you up on that offer and ask the following questions regarding the Master Development Agreement for Riverwalk Marina and Riverboat  entered into between the City of Port Orange and   Riverwalk Marina LLC    Halifax Partners LLC   and   Port Orange Riverwalk LLP.   ( the Developer )
As the City is contemplating making major transfers of taxpayer assets to these  entities on the representations that these entities can and will undertake a series of dubious  actions   it would seem only right and proper that  that these  questions not only be answered but that those answers be discussed in a public meeting.
1)   Please disclose the ownership  of  Riverwalk Marina, LLC    Halifax Partners LLC   and   Port Orange Riverwalk LLP  
2)   If  City participation in this agreement is advanced absent detailed disclosure  regarding the ownership of these entities how are  City residents to be assured that your family or friends   or  the family or friends  of others on Council  do not have a financial  interest in  the parties to this Agreement.
3)   Please disclose the financial condition and borrowing capability of these entities.
4)  Please disclose the financing arrangement that have been secured by the Developer to construct the promised condo towers and restaurant. 
5)   Please disclose all projects of a similar nature as proposed in Riverwalk  that were  started and completed by these entities.
6)   Why was Port Orange Riverwalk LLP not a party to the 2nd Amendment  to  the Master Development Agreement for Riverwalk Marina and Riverboat  
7)   Please explain  the financial  impact the departure of  Port Orange Riverwalk LLP and the $500,000 balloon payment due  Ken Mcgurn  have on this project.
8)   What are the Developers plans for acquiring other US1 properties necessary for the completion of this project
9)  Are you aware of any restaurants or marinas beyond those proposed in Riverwalk that require a several hundred foot walk to get to those establishments.
10)  Did the City follow its own policy regarding Riverwalk Public Hearings and  if it did not will you assure City residents that the 2 recent Riverwalk hearings will be re-held

11)  Can you explain how taxpayer interests are advanced by not having the City own the main walk way in Riverwalk Park. 
12)  What  Quid pro quo  are taxpayers to receive in exchange for restoring commercial rights to the point that is currently zoned conservation and recreation.

13)   If this  project is  really viable,    why after all the concessions taxpayers are  conceding   is the City expected to further sign an ” Economic Development Incentive Agreement ” with the Developer   AND WHY does that agreement  and the  ” Property Exchange Agreement ”  have super easy button Assignment Clauses.    

The information requested above has not  been disclosed to date  and as a result  this ever changing  project in which taxpayers are expected to contribute  heavily is roundly detested.
For example I have recently come to understand that as kooky as it sounds  –  the City is expected to:
Transfer ownership of Halifax Dr ( north of Dunlawton Ave )   to the Developer   IN RETURN    for the Developer  maintaining the former road way   as a walk way.
and then   
Transfer ownership  of the Funeral Home property  ( that it paid in excess of $ 800,000 to acquire )   to the Developer     IN RETURN    for the Developer granting the City  a 20 ft easement on that walk way.
and then
Re-zone  the point from its park recreational and conservation zoning to commercial to allow the Developer to construct a restaurant smack dab in the middle of a park that is costing taxpayers  millions of dollars to construct    IN RETURN    for   ?????
If you do otherwise I fear  it will be difficult for City residents to conclude other than this is a cram and jam  that you and Councilman Burnette want concluded before the election.
If the 2016 elections are demonstrating it is that the people no longer trust long serving politicians and their administrations.  Your comments at Tuesday evenings meeting at the 26:45 mark   that you  ” know how we got the Developer in this thing  over 20 years ago  — with commitments.   We Made Commitments  “   is a prime example  of what has caused that mistrust.
Mr. Mayor the extent of those  taxpayer commitments have been shrouded in secrecy  for over 20 years.  Were they written commitments or were they verbal,  AND  are  they subject to limitless  irradiations as the developer struggles to find a plan that best suits his pocketbook.   This secrecy  needs to stop here and now.
If you are un-clear as to the information I am seeking in any of these questions you may call me at 566-1424 and I will attempt to clarify same
Thank you
Ted Noftall
Candidate for Mayor
City of Port Orange             



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