Heads-Up Folks You Are About To Get Screwed Over Again with Port Orange RiverGate

On this video Councilman Ford pleads with citizens to contact him about their opinion on another free city land giveaway scheme and other goodies now developing by the current administration behind closed doors.  Email: bford@port-orange.org    We strongly suggest that you not just sit there and take the beating you are about to get resulting from this administration’s shenanigans.
On this same video the Mayor says that Ford is wrong.  The Mayor also says “We have been giving this developer numerous incentives over the past 20 years in order to get this project started ……… and we now must give the developer new incentives to really get the project started”.    And that his long time developer buddy should be given the benefit of the doubt.

It appears that all city councilmen (except Bob Ford) has had a personal one-on-one private meeting with the developer behind closed doors.   Can we all guess what happens behind closed doors?
I don’t know who is right on this one, but something really smells fishy at city hall.
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On this video Ted Noftall ( the city reform candidate for Mayor) tries to get some common sense out of the city council to no avail.
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On this video Mike Gardner also gets the old silent treatment from the city council about RiverGate.
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